Industry Analysisconsumer Electronics Association (cea)

Industry Analysisconsumer Electronics Association (cea)
Listen Up!

Hollywood stars would not shine as brightly were it not for the talents of a host of supporting actors enhancing their performances. The same is true for portable digital media devices like the Apple iPod and the numerous accessories that augment the experience with these products. CEA forecasts shipment revenues for portable digital media devices to swell 20 percent this year to more than $5.6 billion. In tandem with this growth, CEA market research shows demand for accessories for these products is also rising. The manifestation of which can be summarized in a few market observations. Accessories that feed the portable digital media device

Integrators To the Rescue

In today’s housing market, technology stands as an increasingly pertinent item on the list of planning and design considerations for new homes. As a result, opportunity is knocking at the door of the dealer channel as a way to get in on the ground floor with customers. New home buyers have long been confronted with a daunting list of options, upgrades and packages to design and outfit their new abode. Will it be granite countertops and upgraded appliances in the kitchen? Or perhaps bay windows in the living room? But apart from these familiar choices, technology in the form of multi-room audio/video, home automation,

Mobile Movement

American households own more CE products than ever before and mobile CE devices are making a significant contribution to CE ownership growth. The 8th Annual Household and Teen CE Ownership Study, conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) earlier this year shows the average U.S. household currently owns 26 non-discrete CE products—up from 25 products last year. As expected, the most commonly owned CE product is a TV (any type) with 98 percent of households owning at least one. Home video playback products (i.e. VCR or DVD player) and phones (both cordless and wireless models) were also owned by the vast majority of households.

Game On?

As product margins continue to shrink, installation services provide dealers a smart way to pump up profits. In fact, some businesses are built entirely on a service model, from basic A/V installations to full-tilt custom home theater rooms. But if you think this scope of services is the only option, think again. Recent research from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) shows custom gaming rooms (console or PC based) offer a new arena of opportunity for the dealer channel and the revenue potential may surprise you. The media has well-documented custom installer experiments in custom gaming room installations, but consumer demand has remained indefinite until