James Helms

James Helms
Switching to Rechargeable Batteries is Easier Than You Think

The biggest complaint about Rechargeable Batteries is the simple fact that they need to be recharged. It seems that every time you need a battery, rechargeable batteries aren't charged. There are quite a few solutions to this problem.

Start by looking at your daily electronic lifestyle:

Most people charge batteries every day and don't even realize it. Cellular phones, laptops and wireless controllers are all devices that the majority of households are charging nightly. Try using a charging station to have all your chargers in one place, which will make charging your AAs and AAAs even easier and more routine.

Precharged NiMH batteries are the next step in the NiMH chemistry. Precharged NiMH differs from regular NiMH by not self-discharging when in storage. This means that batteries will stay charged for up to a year while in storage. So the next time you need a battery they are ready to go.