Laura Spinale

Laura Spinale
Best Buy Again Tops Dealerscope 101 CE Retailers

The retailers listed in Dealerscope’s registry of the Top 101 CE retailers in the United States and Canada rang up $233.49 billion in 2012, a modest 2.76 percent increase over the $227.22 billion earned in 2011. Chained to a weak economy, stubborn unemployment, sluggish sales and anemic stock performance, many CE retailers—including powerhouses such as Best Buy (1), Staples (8), Gamestop (10), Office Max (16), Sears (19) and Office Depot (23)—announced plans to close many bricks-and-mortar stores this year.

Best Buy Tops Dealerscope's Top 101 Retailers

Best Buy has once again been ranked the top CE retailer by Dealerscope magazine. Dell, HP and Walmart remain in the second, third and fourth spots, followed by CDW,, Apple, Staples, GameStop and Target. The full list is published in Dealerscope's March 2011 issue.

CE’s Top Retailers

The 101 retailers listed in Dealerscope’s annual registry rang up $198.51 billion in sales during 2007, a 6 percent increase over 2006’s $187.21 billion tally. There was a bit more good news. Sales of consumer electronics—excluding videogames—increased 5 percent for the three months ending in November of 2007 from the same period in 2006, according to the NPD Group, a market researcher. But then came Black Friday, when America seemed to tighten its collective belt, according to the National Retail Federation. The average shopper spent only $348 that day, down from the $360 they coughed up on Black Friday 2006. On Cyber Monday,

Ka Ching! - The Top 101 CE Retailers

CE sales from Black Friday through December 23, 2006, jumped 6.5 percent over 2005’s tally, to $8.75 billion, according to analyst NPD Group. Concurrently, the Consumer Electronics Association is projecting that factory-to-dealer CE sales will surpass the $155 billion mark this year, a 7 percent gain over 2006. In order to claim their piece of the ever-growing CE pie, the 101 merchants listed in this year’s Dealerscope registry are buying new companies, testing new store formats, and entering or exiting markets. In the process, their revenues are growing: Registry retailers rang up $196.93 billion in sales during 2006, a 7.52 percent increase over

Merger Mania

Researching this year’s Top 50 consumer electronics retailers in the United States and Canada, grandiose descriptive phrases such as “in the world” and “in the nation” keep popping up. And no one’s puffing. Thank a string of mergers for the “big get bigger” marketplace. Companies in this year’s Dealerscope registry rang up $133.48 billion in sales during 2005, a 9.39 percent increase over 2004’s $122.02 billion tally. Among these retailers are Sears and Kmart, which combined sold a total of $3.19 billion worth of CE products. Last March, Kmart effectively bought Sears, and the two companies now operate as subsidiaries of Sears Holding