Lorraine A. Darconte

Lorraine A. Darconte
E-Mail Marketing: Quick, Inexpensive, Effective

One technical hurdle to e-mail marketing was was getting e-mail messages past spam filters, while one of the great advantages was how cost effective e-mail marketing could be (no paper, no printing, no postage).

Kodak’s Plan to Help Retailers Build Their Businesses

“It’s a Kodak world,” stated Brad Kruchten, general manager, Kodak Retail Printing, at the company’s February 1 PMA press briefing. He was jokingly referring to a recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice in which Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons coined the phrase while attempting to sell Kodak printers to the public. However, judging from the company’s new solutions to help retailers take over the photo world, I mean, to improve their businesses, I’m guessing Kodak would like the tag line to stick. According to Kruchten, the company wants to return to a time (started by George Eastman) when consumers pushed a button and retailers

Overlooked or Overbooked?

The subject of manufacturer support has been tackled in the past, but sadly, it seems little has changed when it comes to specialty dealers’ experiences with manufacturer support, especially in the digital imaging market. Although support—for product, advertising, education, etc.—is clearly important to retailers and getting it can be hit or miss. Store size and location appear to be one of the defining factors as to whether or not a retailer is on a manufacturer’s radar. Like many retailers, Spectrum Photo owner Grant P. Hatch would like more help. “If I get more support, the manufacturers get more of my business,” he admits. “But