Rob Stott

Rob Stott

Rob is Editorial Director for CT Lab at NAPCO Media.

iPhone Loyalty Hits an All-Time Low

According to data from BankMyCell, customer loyalty for Apple's flagship device hit an all-time-low. More than one-in-four iPhone trade-ins in June saw the customer swap to an Android device.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Was a Roaring Success—for Everyone

Amazon Prime Day 2019 brought in a record-setting amount of sales for the ecommerce giant. But, as data from Adobe Analytics show, other retailers are finally learning how to take advantage of the annual summertime extravaganza.

HTSA Training Flips the Script on Selling

HTSA wants its members to be expert relationship builders, and the group has a new series of sales training courses that are unlike any other we've seen.

Jony Ive Leaving Apple is a Good Thing

Chief Design Officer and longtime Apple employee Jony Ive will leave the company later this year as he plans to launch an independent design firm—of which, Apple will be a primary client.

Klipsch and SnapAV Discuss Their National Distribution Partnership

Tommy Jacobs of Klipsch and Michael Jordan from SnapAV step into the Corner Office to talk about their national distribution partnership and how both brands—which were considered major competitors—will be able to benefit from each other's strengths.