Susan Schreiner

Susan Schreiner
Wearables Know More About You Than You Think

Over the past five years or so, we’ve seen the spectacular rise of wearables - and if you follow CES, you know that wearables became a significant category on the show floor.  Anecdotally, humans have been wearing bracelets and necklaces for over 100,000 years, imbuing them with meaning and significance. When Wearables 1.0 first hit…

Where Wellness Meets Wearables

The wearables market is growing and changing at a very rapid pace – and this turnover is good news for the retailer.

Wearables: Wellness, Fitness & Accessibility Products at CES

Based on what we saw on the CES 2015 floor, the wellness and fitness category is on the verge of taking off in a big way. Some of these devices are ‘true’ wearables in that they attach onto a body in some way, like a smartwatch, fitness band, eyewear, or a growing array of health and fitness sensor-based devices packaged in a variety of form factors including clothes.  There are also other products that are at the edge of wearables, like various types of earphones and sensor-based basketballs and other equipment – and then there were also products that fall into the accessibility category. This related area, with a growing array of products, is also expected to become big business as baby boomers decide to age in their homes rather than being warehoused.

A New Chapter Unfolds

Consumers are interested in wearable these devices as they figure out how tracking and becoming walking data streams will lead to greater personal wellness and fitness— for an improved connected lifestyle and work style.

Samsung Makes a Play at mHealth Summit

Connected digital and mobile health are expected to be the next ‘big thing’ as smart, connected products with services make their way into people’s lives not just for play, fun and work – but also for wellness, fitness, adherence and prevention.

Show Report: CTIA at Super Mobility Week

After a more-than-one-year hiatus, CTIA returned to the trade-show scene at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas in September. It jettisoned its Spring Wireless Show and its Fall MobileCon shows, merged them into one CTIA Show, and also convened various other conferences and shows to co-locate with it at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Among the other events listed under the Super Mobility Week umbrella was the Competitive Carriers Association’s (CCA) confab that met concurrently down the Strip at the Cosmopolitan.

Housewares Editors' Letter

The political season has come early this year. Turning on the TV and listening to the various cable news commentators may give one an eerie feeling that the ‘sky is falling.’ In this era of lack of bipartisanship and increased polarization, it seems there are those that relish in the negative news, complete with exaggerations and spin. I guess the world will always be divided between those that believe the ‘glass is half full’ versus those that see it as ‘half empty.’

Letter From the Editor

Since we turned the calendar from 2011 to 2012, the sense of pessimism and gloom of the past year seems to be slowly shifting to a more hopeful 2012. We saw this mood shift in January at CES in Las Vegas, and a variety of key indicators seem to show changing winds.

Letter From the Editor of Housewares Retailing

Welcome to the first edition of Housewares Retailing (HR)—a new resource for dealers and distributors carrying kitchen and small home electrics, or those evaluating the new profit opportunities.