Nortek Security & Control Rebrands as Nortek Control

Nortek Security & Control LLC reintroduced itself today as Nortek Control. The change comes amid…

Frustrations with CE Products Decline, But Fundamental Issues Remain Amidst COVID-19

Getting and staying connected has become a vital necessity as more people work and learn from home. In fact, Assurant’s recent COVID-19

Five Ways Retailers Are Integrating VR For Better UX

Virtual Reality (VR) is seeing its importance rise as a marketing tool for businesses across the board. While sounding like a tool that

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Connected Home

Nortek Security & Control LLC reintroduced itself today as Nortek Control. The change comes amid…

Getting and staying connected has become a vital necessity as more people work and learn from home. In fact, Assurant’s recent COVID-19

The retail sector has become among the most vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks and the convenience store space in particular has been


Virtual Reality (VR) is seeing its importance rise as a marketing tool for businesses across the board. While sounding like a tool that

Add to this the staggering figure that has recently predicted for the AR/VR market – saying the global market is

Retail influences continue to come from all over the geographic world, from all over the technology world and from all over the social


According to NPD’s B2B Reseller Tracking Service, this January to May K-12 educators began accelerated efforts to purchase both noteboo

Among the hottest trends is the use of artificial intelligence to provide a more personalized experience to customers.

Millennials started the trend of valuing experiences over physical goods and Gen Z has run with it. If Millennials taught the retail in

With IFA reinvented to run safely as a real-life event during COVID-19, more journalists register for the event in just six days than t

What will #IFA20 look like in the wake of #COVID19? And what does this mean for our media, industry and retail partners? IFA Director D

Ahead of its official retail launch, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was on display at IFA 2019. There, we were able to get a brief hands-on demo with the foldable device, and we're still not impressed.


One effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the prevalence of company telecommuting policies, with an increasingly higher number of Americans working remotely. As a global company, Arlo Technologies has embraced working remotely and the infrastructure to accommodate “working together remotely” policies have been in place at Arlo. That said, COVID-19 has presented new challenges.…

Business Model

Driven by an extremely rapid influx of new transportable technologies, Millennials started the trend of valuing experiences over physic

What is retail going to look like as states let businesses once again open their doors to the general public? What steps should small b


As with many manufacturers and retailers, the past few months have brought uncertainty to our business, not knowing how our supply chai

We asked our readers to talk about some of the ways they and their company are coping with this COVID-19 challenge, and maybe what they

COVID-19 and One Firefly: Supporting our employees, clients, industry, and our communities during this challenging time.


The latest products and accessories that address your customers’ personal ecosystems – beginning with the products they use at home and

After years of declining sales, it seems like Best Buy and Target are getting ready to dump CDs—a move that's great for retail and music.

Prior to officially pulling back the cover on its newest piece of hardware—the HomePod speaker—Apple had an image up on the big giant screen facing the audience at their Worldwide Developers Conference that had both a Sonos speaker and Amazon’s Echo speaker positioned next to one another. The messaging from Apple’s senior VP of worldwide…


While technology presents virtually limitless possibilities and benefits, woe to the retail organization that doesn’t remain vigilant a

A subset of the larger smart home ecosystem, the smart security ecosystem is comprised of a group of connected devices that specificall

Social Media

In a video NicopureLabs posted on its Facebook page, CEO Jeffrey Stamler calls for fellow business owners, entrepreneurs and corporatio

With the rise of social media and online reviews, interactions between brands and customers have been forever transformed.

No one has a perfect blueprint for social media marketing because every company has a different voice and the results happen live.


The CI industry may seem like everything is bad, but the truth is this represents an opportunity as the CI business thrives off of new

The PowerHouse Alliance includes distributor member companies that have been in business for 25, 50, and even 100+ years. As a group, w


Stibo Systems’ recent survey shows consumers are willing to trade data for better personalization, but more than half of retailers are

According to Assurant’s most recent report on connected consumer sentiment, entitled “The Connected Decade,” from 2016-2019 the share o

By Black Friday, Walmart will roll out its "Check Out With Me" program to every one of its Supercenter stores, giving customers the chance to skip the checkout lines.


We’ve lost count of the number of conference and event cancellations, and you can’t find a college or pro sporting event to attend, as

As we saw and heard over the course of CES 2020, not much has changed, yet the consumer and commercial providers and manufacturers will

Emerging Tech

5G or the fifth-generation wireless network, will dramatically improve upon 4G wireless connections, making it easier than ever for peo

New 3D scanning technology has a lot of promise, especially in the realm of advanced and improved mobile device security.

Historically, the editors at Dealerscope have been kind of hard on VR. And truthfully, we've been burned by it. But we see the good as well, and we are staying optimistic. We have also followed the general narrative produced by consumers as well. When the 2012 Kickstarter kicked off the first announcement of the Oculus Rift, people…


The data breach is another warning that the retail space remains one of the most targeted industries for cyber criminals.

Despite it's reputation for being the world's most customer-centric company, Amazon is making headlines for banning those who return items too frequently.

Having just finished a conversation about smart doorbells and their inherent awesomeness in the smart home market, the Dealerscope editors turned our attention to Amazon for a quick minute for two reasons. 1) We wanted to see a quick comparison of MSRPs on smart doorbells for “research purposes,” and 2) we basically talked ourselves into…


Apple and Samsung will forever be tied together when looking at the smartphone market. But from a manufacturing perspective, which tech giant has the better smartphone strategy?

As more and more 5G phones roll out to consumers, the question remains: is it worth investing in these products now when the 5G cellular network is barely available?

How will the rollout of the 5G network impact the retail landscape? The keynote panel from CE Week 2019 dove into the topic to try to find some answers.


With the next round of gaming consoles now out in the open, it's clear that these powerful pieces of hardware can greatly benefit the advancement of TV technology.


Consumers have certainly shown interest in and enthusiasm for connected home products. But why does smart appliance adoption seem to be lagging behind?

Sprint and Whirlpool announced plans to end their 101-year relationship. So, who will be hurt worse by the brands' sudden split?

Amazon’s move to bring Sears’ Kenmore-branded appliances onto the ecommerce platform could be a pivotal moment for CE retail.


The search giant plans to take on, and completely innovate, the video game industry with its new Google Stadia gaming service launching later this year.

With the subscription service model on fire right now, the video game industry is doing its best to ride the coattails. But video game subscription services seem confused and muddled.

As a first time attendee, E3 can leave one's head spinning. But there was plenty to discover and learn about the video game industry and why retailers need to pay attention to more than just PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

We expected to see and hear a lot about 8K TVs, but one statistic delivered by TCL during its CES 2019 press conference proves why manufacturers are jumping the gun when it comes to the latest display tech.

CES 2018 was a show focused on future tech, namely the digital assistant, but Microsoft's Cortana went missing and nobody seemed to care.

CES holds the distinction of being one of the largest—if not the largest—tradeshows in North America. That has its benefits and drawbacks.


Tariffs levied on washing machine imports earlier this year give retailers and consumers an opportunity to look at the impact of those policies on pricing and availability.

The FCC's decision to repeal net neutrality promises to completely alter the makeup of the internet, which is bad news for independent retailers.

In its continued fight with Apple, Qualcomm is now asking the U.S. government to stop sales of new iPhones and iPads in the U.S.


During its IFA 2018 keynote, Microsoft touched on the future of computer hardware by touting the future of connected PCs, but is that something consumers truly need?

The gaming industry is stepping up to provide a new, better, and more meaningful platform for the curved screen.

Chris Ely, senior manager of industry analysis at the Consumer Technology Association, shares his thoughts on potential areas of growth

Car Electronics

A longstanding legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm led to a very public breakup between the two. Now, the iPhone faces potentially weaker connectivity as Apple looks to alternate modem providers in 2018 and beyond.

CE Week

As brick and mortar looks to remain relevant in the future, a CE Week 2018 panel proved how partnerships could be the key to the industry's future.


The CTA recognizes a legend in the development of DTV

Media Players

The Wireless Speaker and Audio Association explains why they believe now is the time for a resurgence in surround sound systems.


The doom and gloom of Bose 'spying' on consumers should start the conversation that consumers don't own their data, and that is okay.

I learned as much about the audiophile community as I did about the new products that were on display at the first-ever CanJam NYC.

We've seen a lot of advancements recently in the truly wireless earbud space. But just as fast as we are seeing products appear on the market, we are already seeing slight stagnation. Hopefully, that doesn't come off as a knock against companies like Bragi, Phazon, Apple, Samsung or Jabra who have all poised to make long lasting…


GoPro's pre-announced its first-quarter earnings and to sum it up, they are planning to cut 270 more jobs. If we are still keeping score, that adds up to 570 jobs, with 100 in January last year and another 200 in November. The steady hemorrhaging of positions can be blamed on a few different narratives. Many…

An important Super Bowl Sunday first for the consumer tech industry? Drones played a major role during the halftime show.

More bad news for the drone industry as French-based manufacturer Parrot is laying off a third of their drone division. Following a massive drop in fourth-quarter earnings, Parrot said they missed their target by about 100 million euros (~105,000 USD) with their drone revenue generating about 60 million euros between commercial and consumer. These distressed…


Barely two months ago, I threw the idea out there that action cam maker GoPro has possibly peaked as a company. That notion was based on the fact that the company has seen its stock price nosedive in the last year and a half. Since reaching nearly $87 per share in July 2015, GoPro rested…

Using data, the Consumer Technology Association tries to make some sense of post-purchase consumer behavior.

More than any other factor, the presence or absence of a free shipping offer can make or break a sale.


Slumping smartwatch sales and a lack of consumer interest resulted in the slowest growth, year-over-year, for the wearables market.

According to CTA’s holiday forecast, spending on tech will increase 3.1 percent to reach $36.05 billion during the 2016 holiday season.

What should we really make of the VR industry as a whole, and how much can we really expect it to boom in the next few years?

Digital Imaging

Two household names have seen their revenues decline and stock prices take major hits over the past year. What’s going on, and what’s t


The importance of consumer technology is growing in the workplace and at home. And whether we’re purchasing tech products for our families or our careers, women are more tech-savvy than ever before. For these reasons, it’s important for retailers to remember that women purchase tech accessories not just for social reasons, but to help us…

The future of technology gets a lot of attention. But, as much as we use them, tech accessories tend to get left out of the discussion.

Household ownership of wireless audio, wearables and connected devices saw huge ownership gains, but what’s driving consumers?

Buying Groups

2012 was a miserable year for most CE retailers. It's clearly time to start trying something different.


So you spent the last year building up a great social media following, and you took a week to go to CEDIA Expo. You're going to share everything you see and really deliver value to all those followers... but suddenly the show's over and you feel like you didn't share half of what you saw.