CE-Spot: The Business of Consumer Electronics

We hope you didn’t let a few of Saturday’s headlines – “Consumers Show Fresh Caution”  or “March Retail Sales Fell as Consumers Cut Back” among them - ruin your weekend. We know you’re living on the front lines of the economy every day, but who needs a reminder of how tough things are, right? Besides, warmer weather is just around the corner, offering the perfect time to take a vacation, forget about the last few months, recharge and start the next round fresh.

2012 was a miserable year for most CE retailers. It's clearly time to start trying something different.

Around this time of year, we find ourselves searching the industry for words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration, mainly as a way to learn from what transpired in the past and to establish new goals and better practices for the coming year. A few of those nuggets came our way during a conversation with Alan Lavine, one of the regional CE dealers who participated in Dealerscope’s annual retailer roundtable

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