Dare To Lead

Peter Weedfald is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sharp Home Appliances, and the author of Green Reign Leadership, a book designed to articulate the art of the possible towards leading business dreams into market reality. 

From the fleeting glimpse of the obvious department: Our retail industry and indeed retail shoppers are hunting, reevaluating and reinvesting in new tech-operating models, new buying habits through unprecedented, seismic change. As you read this article, approximately a billion square feet of retail space sits vacant throughout America. Fast paced global economic shifts, multi-modal technological…

Our attention and transactional DNA has evolved. Our personal engagements have morphed. We keep a glowing mobile device at our sides 24 hours a day shuttling across the globe and back in mere nano-seconds. Ever-changing  product and app-life cycles have caused positive disruption, global opportunities, competitive danger and of course, vast unyielding confusion. We in…

Isn’t this truly what all sales and marketing leaders desire, your attention? Isn’t this why billions of dollars are spent annually to gain consumer attention for “my brand, my products, my experiences?” Well actually, no. Creating, stimulating and achieving consumer attention is not a solitary art form. It is not in itself a lasting formula for fast market advantage.

“Digital capitalism really works best and most efficiently for consumers rather than for brands and retailers.” 

In my meetings and exchanges with foreign factories outside of the USA, those with brave intentions to scout disciplined, profitable opportunities across our fruited plains, I am inevitably asked the question of brand importance towards garnering success. I am asked what is the “Doctrine of Necessity” to ensure success with consumers and retail merchants with respect to brand value, brand recognition, brand density and brand profitability? This level of intense brand scrutiny is designed to ensure the cold steel of the P&L is successfully written in hot black ink, not cold bright red.

There will be no room or time for brand-bovarism in 2015. Savvy marketers in 2014 encountered colossal change to their marketing platforms and with it their brand investment bets. Brand-making, brand-shaping, brand-taking chores have changed and will continue to do so at hyper-speeds during the coming years.  

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