Unwired Unveils New Headphones
November 9, 2006

Unwired Technology has announced their latest set of wireless headphones, the R2H-D22F29. Among the features of the accessory are a fold-flat design, dual-channel input and a proprietary Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) which saves space and reduces the weight of the unit to four ounces and the size, when closed, to a 1-inch profile. Unwired Technology President Lawrence Richenstein said, “Our new ASIC-based headphone underscores our ongoing commitment to serve the needs of the leading OEMs as the mobile entertainment business continues to grow and evolve.” The R2H-D22F29 will retail for $69.99.

Universal Remote’s New Approach to Training
November 3, 2006

Training is a huge issue for dealers. And while nothing beats the personal touch, many vendors are looking to online modules to make training more cost efficient and widely accessible. Universal Remote Control is one of the latest to offer online training, announcing four new online multimedia training courses for custom installers. The training courses are part of URC’s Learning Management System and are offered free of charge to authorized URC dealers and installers who visit the URC Control Room. The courses are divided into several sections taking about five to 15 minutes each to complete. They include audio commentaries, video segments and illustrations.

Six Basic Steps to Plan Your Next Promotion:
November 1, 2006

Start by evaluating the Market Environment. What are the category trends? What are your brand’s and competitive brands’ growth patterns? What are the characteristics of current consumer behavior? What are the anticipated market conditions? What channel considerations need to be made? Do a Brand Situational Analysis. What is your consumer profile? What are their purchase habits? What are the regional variations? What is your brand positioning? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competition? What is the seasonality of the promotion and how will that have an effect? Set clear Objectives and Strategies. What do you want to accomplish? How are you going to accomplish

The ‘Retailtainer’
November 1, 2006

Promotions. They’re happening all around you. Brands everywhere are trying to grab the attention of buyers. So how do you make your promotion stand out among the noise of promotions screaming “Buy me!” plastered on packaging, aisles and store windows? One way is to make sure you offer real value to the consumer. Bundling accessories with other products often strengthens a promotion’s value. And accessories are well-positioned to drive total solution sales thus increasing average ring and profitability. Additionally, in today’s environment where shoppers are more knowledgeable and savvy than ever, it’s not enough just to create a promotion and get it into play.

Richard Gray’s Adds New Rep Firm
November 1, 2006

Richard Gray’s Power Company,just signed with Vista Pacific Group (VPG), who will now serve as their manufacturer’s representative firm in the combined territories of Southern California and Southern Nevada (greater Las Vegas area). The first recently received the most recent training certification and supporting literature associated with Richard Gray’s Power Company products. VPG is lead by Martin Byrne who has more than 25-years of experience in the industry both as a retailer and a sales representative. Most recently he was the Vice President of Sales for Paul Collins Associates and was responsible for over 20 product lines representing $15 million in annual sales.

Eastern Horizon
November 1, 2006

The 26th autumn edition of Hong Kong’s Electronics Fair featured more cutting-edge technology than ever, in step with China’s maturing marketing skills. Flat panel-dominated the main floor of the show, with a higher population than ever of high-definition large-screen 1080p models setting the high-tech tone for the 26th Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), held Oct. 13 to 16. The finished-goods show, which runs concurrently with the components show electronicAsia 2006, attracted almost 2,500 exhibitors, an increase of 17 percent from the 2005 Fall Fair, due in part to the fact that a newly renovated portion of the exhibition floor was made available to

10 Companies to Watch
November 1, 2006

New companies in the CE industry pop up everyday, but not everyone brings a fresh new business model to the table, and some names will disappear as quickly as they appeared. But there are those that do succeed and push the industry in new and exciting directions. This month the editors at Dealerscope picked 10 new or emerging companies covering different corners of our market—retail, distribution, and service—we think offer new and interesting concepts and strategies. Time will tell if they have what it takes to become CE superstars, but for now they certainly have a good start. Service provider CE Interactive CEO: Dean

Mustek Paragon TW450 iPod Speaker
October 31, 2006

Available now for $249.99. This floor-standing tower system combines a 45W amplifier with a 5.25-inch, dual-coil subwoofer to supply power sound with rich bass without excess vibration. A port on the back allows for an RCA line-in for connecting to traditional audio sources. A wireless infrared remote is included, as are docking inserts for nearly every version of iPod.

A Remote You Don’t Need to Point
October 25, 2006

Universal Remote Control, Inc. (URC) has introduced the new RF+Pak, which combines the MasterControl RF10 Remote with the PowerBlaster Base Station. The upshot of all this is a remote that can be pointing in any direction and still operate the component you choose. The remote emits a multidirectional RF signal through air and solid objects alike up to 100 feet. So, if you’re in the living room and realize you forgot to turn off the TV in the kitchen, just press a button. And then wonder if you really need a TV in the kitchen. MacroPower and SimpleSound features on

Monster Releases Accessories for Zune
October 23, 2006

Monster has released a slew of products specially designed to work with Microsoft’s Zune player, which is slated for release on November 14. The Monster CarPlay Wireless Plus allows Zune users to play their music through any clear FM station on their car radio for $79.95. The Monster TVLink connects the player to a TV for $29.95. Monster MusicShare, retailing for $19.95, is a headphone splitter that allows separate users to adjust the volume on or mute their set of headphones without affect the other set. With the Monster StereoLink, users can hook their player up to the auxiliary input