Business Strategy

GE Money To Support Online Discount Dealer
September 26, 2006

While the Crazy Eddie’s of the world have dwindled in the brick-n-mortar landscape, the deep discount dealer has found new life on the Web, and one,, is getting some help from Retail Sales Finance, a part of GE Money. Under an agreement between the two companies, PeachDirect will begin offering its customers a consumer credit program called the PD Platinum Card. Essentially it works as a store card with a 23.99 percent variable interest rate and a credit line up to $5,000. PeachDirect is a Los Angeles-based Web site that allows consumers to buy name brand consumer electronics, such as iPod Nanos, Sharp LDC

ObjectVideo Tests Out Intelligent Video Solution at Staples
September 26, 2006

ObjectVideo announced Monday the release of a retail-oriented intelligent video solution which will be tested at four Staples Business Depot stores in Canada. Intelligent video software analyzes video for whatever specific patterns or red flags it’s been told to spot. OV: Retail, ObjectVideo’s new package, is designed to spot data that will aid in loss prevention, POS fraud detection, business intelligence, public safety and physical security. ObjectVideo has partnered with Checkpoint Systems to create the product, which will monitor POS data and transaction behavior at registers during the trial run. If successful, the software should be able to spot such activity

NECO Alliance’s Fall Show Attracts Record Attendance
September 25, 2006

The NECO Alliance returned for its semi-annual show Sept. 18 and 19 to Connecticut’s Foxwood Resort and Casino, attracting a record attendance of 1,500 -- an uptick of about 10 percent over the previous record, making the EXPO X, as the fall event is called, the group’s largest ever, according to Mel Hunger, executive director. “At this particular show,” relates Hunger, “we presented what we call NECO Select, which is a line of products which are step-up merchandise. It was a program we designed so that members could get an idea of what NECO Select products they should carry. We were trying

ViewSonic Announces 25 Plus Product Rollout by Year’s End
September 22, 2006

ViewSonic will be launching more than 25 new LCD monitors, projectors, televisions, handheld devices and CE displays by year’s end according to a statement issued by the company on Thursday. Large-screen LCD TVs, widescreen LCD monitors, ergonomically designed desktop LCDs, projectors for the home and the classroom, digital signage solutions that don’t need to be connected to a PC and a wireless, handheld bar code scanner with integrated inventory management features built to withstand abuse will all launch within the next three months. Says ViewSonic Americas President Matt Milne, “Our upcoming products reflect the ongoing commitment we have toward our customers since

Contacts: Retailers Selling CE with a Twist of Innovation
September 21, 2006

Fred and Jamie Ernst, Co-ownwers, Quick as a Flash, Vacaville, CA Considering that a third of the nation’s specialty camera stores have been shuttered in the last five years, running a successful digital imaging shop today is already proof of a strong survival instinct. But Fred and Jamie Ernst, the married owners of the Quick as a Flash in Vacaville, California, have survived more than most. Fred is 86 years old, Jamie, 80. Their 19-year-old business is the only one of six photo specialty shops in Solano County to have kept its doors open. Such dogged success during the film-to-digital industry transition could very

Stereo Exchange President Dave Wasserman on CEDIA
September 20, 2006

Dealerscope me up with Dave Wasserman, president, Stereo Exchange in New York, on the CEDIA Expo show floor. Here’s what he had to say: “Denver’s a nice city...The best thing I’ve seen so far at the show is Savant’s ‘Rosie’ system. They’ve created a home control system that has none of the issues of programming attached to it. From what I’ve seen, it has a beautiful interface, an open architecture, and everyone who’s seen it says it’s amazing. I only hope it can live up to everything we’ve seen here.”

Retail Speak: Tom Wells, president, Integrated Media Systems
September 19, 2006

Dealerscope recently caught up with Tom Wells, president, Integrated Media Systems, Sterling, Va. to ask him what he thought of the recent CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colo “I’d say that 1080p is the buzzword here. Nothing else has been absolutely stunning for me. The main purpose of being here is to look at some of the manufacturers we’re going to be doing business with through HTSA.” I really liked Chief’s incredible motorized mount, and their outdoor LCD enclosure, something that really answers a great need we had as installers. I also liked Middle Atlantic’s thermal cooling products for racks -- it solves a big problem

LG Opens Up to Web Sales
September 15, 2006

After years of not allowing the sale of its products over the Internet, LG Electronics USA has changed its e-commerce policy. In a letter to LG’s partners, Vice President Robert Perry announced the change. “Based on this brand growth as well as the continued growth of Internet sales by other leading brands of consumer electronics, we have decided to carefully allow Internet sales of a limited assortment of LG branded consumer electronics, effective September 15, 2006,” Perry wrote in the letter. There are restrictions, however. According to the letter only “National” products will be authorized for sale in the e-commerce channel. At LG, products are classified

Klipsch Lawsuit Targets Unauthorized Web Resellers
September 14, 2006

Klipsch Audio Technologies filed suit last week in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana against three Web sites they allege have competed unfairly with the loudspeaker manufacturer. The suit asks for recovery of damages from, and, as well as an injunction to prevent the sites from pushing authorized dealers to transship Klipsch products, interfering with the relationship between Klipsch and its authorized dealers, and trademark and copyright infringement. In January and December 2004, Klipsch sued six other Web sites on similar grounds. Says Klipsch President Mike Klipsch, “The Web sites we’ve sued in the

Electronics Expo’s Newest Store a Model for the Future
September 12, 2006

Holding to the timetable that Electronics Expo’s founder and president, Leon Temiz, set three years ago when he first opened for business, the CE retailer cut the ribbon just after Labor Day on a sixth New Jersey store, along the bustling Route 18 shopping corridor in the town of East Brunswick. On hand for the opening was local radio personality and founder and president of the Guardian Angels group, Curtis Sliwa; Electronics Expo advertises on Sliwa’s talk radio show, one of 15 radio stations used promotionally by the store. At 13,000 square feet, the newest location is within a five-mile radius of a population of