DTV Transition

Retail After the DTV Transition
October 28, 2009

On June 12, 2009, the nation underwent a monumental change years in the making as television broadcasts switched to an all digital format.

Nielsen's 3-Screen Report Confirms More Multi-tasking, More Online Video Usage
September 7, 2009

Americans continue to find more ways to spend more time in front of screens, especially by doing more multitasking. Nielsen's latest "Three Screen Report" on use of TV, computer and mobile handset viewing showed a dramatic uptick in the number of people watching mobile videos - up 70% since 2008; online videos in general is now 46% higher than last year, Meanwhile, overall TV consumption is at an all-time high of 141 hours per month.

Converter Box Program Nearing Expiration
July 29, 2009

The government's program for providing analog TV converter boxes for citizens in connection with the DTV transition will officially expire Friday. 

Mobile DTV Showcase on Capitol Hill Paves Way for Lobbying, Marketing Push
July 28, 2009

Tuesday's "DTV Triple Play" extravaganza at the Rayburn House Office Building is far more than a demonstration of the capabilities of mobile digital TV to Congressional and other government leaders.  The Tuesday event is an in-your-face assertion that broadcasters and electronics equipment makers are ready to go with mobile video - heading off the fast-growing mobile ventures of wireless Web providers, who will compete for attention in the evolving digital marketplace.

As I Was Saying ...
July 28, 2009

Welcome to a new weekly report on digital finance, tech policy and commentary. Drawing on 30+ years of experience covering Washington and Wall Street, Gary Arlen returns to the Dealerscope family with insights to help you navigate the "digital" and "capital" aspects of the business during these days when the policy implications have broader impact and the people making these decisions are often new faces to the industry.

FCC Fills Out: Senate Approves Clyburn, Baker
July 28, 2009

The Federal Communications Commission is back up to its full five-member roster for the first time since December and appears ready to plunge into an intense slate of issues, several affecting the CE industry. The two new Commissioners - Democrat Mignon Clyburn and Republican Meredith Attwell Baker - are being sworn in this week after unanimous confirmation by the Senate late last week. The full-strength Commission will have more than a month to prepare for grilling by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which plans an oversight hearing of FCC activities after Congress's August recess. 

FCC Under Scrutiny as New Regime Takes Over
June 24, 2009

Julius Genachowski may be sworn in as the new Federal Communications Chairman this week, if the Senate acts quickly to approve him in the aftermath of the 23-1 endorsement by the Senate Commerce Committee last week.  That committee’s interrogation of Genachowski was largely a lovefest – although there were also stern partisan warnings that the new chairman should hurry to “fix” the Commission and prove that it is “not battered beyond repair,” as Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Rockefeller (D-WV) asserted, alluding to the tumultuous tenure of the previous Republican FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.