Control4 Launches Social Training
May 10, 2012

Control4 said this week that it will debut social media training for its dealers starting May 15. Webinars will take place on that date and on May 18.

Consumer Electronics Trends to Watch
December 8, 2010

The last three years have been a volatile period in the history of consumer electronics. While a recovery is slowly taking shape, I believe the next few years will offer as much change as the in the last year or so. Here are a few trends worth watching:

Store-within-a-Store Model Expands
In the late 1990s, Apple’s presence within major retailers began to change, ultimately transforming into the now familiar store-within-a-store model. This gradual transformation pulled Apple products together within the store. Instead of merchandizing Apple products within the category where the products would sit next to similar devices, Apple products were increasingly merchandized next to other Apple products. The retail presence for Apple changed from an existence within categories to one of brand. As the Apple ecosystem of products expanded, so too did Apple’s store-within-a-store presence.   

Retailers Mark Cyber Monday
November 28, 2010

Following the long Thanksgiving weekend, retailers who sell online are beginning the week with Cyber Monday.

New Samsung.com Launches
September 17, 2010

Samsung this week announced the launch of a new company website at Samsung.com. The new site features social media and e-commerce components, as well as the ability to add third party product reviews.

Flextronics Revives Firedog
July 14, 2010

Flextronics announced Tuesday that it has brought back Firedog, formerly the technology service division of Circuit City, as a new direct-to-business and direct-to-consumer tool