Technology Does Not Even the Score, Ladies
March 8, 2011

I hate pink gadgets. I always have. Pink cell phones, pink cameras, and don't even get me started on that Vivienne Tam laptop. Oh sure, gadgets can be fashionable and I have been known to carry the Kate Spade iPhone case. But I cannot stand it when women's magazines feature computers and cell phones just because they are pink or flowered, with no regard for their specs or performance. It makes me bonkers because it reminds me that technology and the internet at large is still a man's game. The digital divide typically refers to the economic gap that

CES 2011: What's Hot
January 5, 2011

Show-goers are likely to find products and applications related to the great demand for portable devices, with the proliferation of tablets and e-readers; device connectivity and interconnectivity; sensor domination; and the rise of apps.

The Future of the Car Audio Aftermarket
November 11, 2010

I was surprised after reading a recent article, "RIP CD-Based Car Radios by 2016", written by Amy Gilroy in CE Outlook, about the demise of CD players in new cars after 2015 or 2016. It was not the premise of the article itself that surprised me, but rather a quote from Andy Parsons of my former company Pioneer Electronics.

Parsons noted that there are more than 200 billion CDs currently in use and that number doesn't include DVDs. "We think that the huge installed base of disc-based packaged media will need aftermarket support for the foreseeable future, probably well beyond 2015. Successful [older] formats can persist for a surprisingly long time — you can still find a couple of in-dash cassette players in our lineup, for example," he explained in the piece.

Inside Nebraska Furniture Mart's New CE Division
February 18, 2010

Nebraska Furniture Mart's new consumer electronics division in its Kansas City, Kan., store started out about three years ago as a relatively simple concept. But, true to form, the company revised, expanded and perfected that plan to create the best consumer experience it could.

Greener Gadgets Deadline Pushed Back
January 4, 2010

The deadline for submissions to the Greener Gadgets Design Competition has been moved back to Jan. 7, CEA announced this week.

Apple Event Now Set For Jan. 27
January 4, 2010

Apple's upcoming big press event, which is widely expected to feature the unveiling of its long-awaited tablet device, will be held Thursday, Jan. 27

Monster Launches Miles Davis Headphones
October 22, 2009

Monster Cable announced Wednesday that it will soon release a special limited edition headphone product paying tribute to jazz legend Miles Davis