Smart Energy Homes are the Foundation of Cleaner, More Resilient Communities
March 29, 2016 at 3:44 pm

In the first six months of 2015, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reported that renewables accounted for nearly 70% of new capacity. GTM Research anticipates the US solar industry alone will deploy 1 gigawatt of new projects each month through the end of 2016. The continued proliferation of solar power creates an opportunity to evolve the…

Apple Going Solar in Stores
February 11, 2015

Apple announced this week that it has agreed to an $848 million deal to bring solar electricity to its stores, including all 52 of them in California and Apple's own headquarters, ifo Apple Store reported.

CEA Sees Rise in Recycling
November 21, 2014

While one third of consumers say they've recycled electronics in the last year, 82 percent of respondents say "recycling their old electronics is important or very important to them." 

Apple Hires Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson
May 29, 2013

Apple is beginning to take the environmental concerns of many politicians, organizations and activists more seriously, as evidenced by the hiring of former EPA chief Lisa Jackson. Apple has been very conscious of its environmental footprint for several years now, ensuring customers during product introductions that Macs and iOS device are BPA, arsenic, and mercury free.

Apple makes sure to let the public know that it understands the consequences of what can happen if these materials are misused. This is becoming increasingly important, especially because the company is bringing some of its manufacturing

Mobile Chargers Prepare for Their Day in the Sun
April 24, 2013

Whether you're comparing restaurant menus while sitting in the park or turning on the air-conditioner before getting home, life is becoming increasingly mobile thanks to smartphones and tablets. And with new apps appearing constantly, the possibilities for this kind of connected living could be endless - if only the batteries lasted long enough.
Now, a range of solar technology companies are offering small, portable chargers and accessory cases that provide power on the go. Some are on the market already, while others are still in development.

Best Buy Sets New High for Recycling Electronics
April 22, 2013

Best Buy reached a new high for recycling last year, as the retailer collected 173 million pounds of unwanted appliances and electronics. In-store electronics recycling collections have been growing at a 20 percent annual clip for several years, said Leo Raudys, the retailer's senior director for environmental stability.

"About half of the weight we collect is TVs, and most of that is still the old tube TVs," Raudys said. "So there's quite a bit more out there than you would imagine. About 30 percent of the rest of the weight is computer monitors.

Staples Agrees to Progressive E-Waste Standards
April 22, 2013

Staples has agreed to work with one of the most environmentally progressive electronic-waste recycling groups to handle gadgets from both the company and consumers when those devices die.

The retail giant announced a deal Monday, Earth Day, to use recyclers certified by e-Stewards, a program set up by the Seattle-based environmental group, the Basel Action Network, to handle materials collected from its free technology recycling program at more than 1,500 stores nationally. The company will also use e-Stewards-certified recyclers to handle electronic waste from its own internal operations.