Assumed Panic Over HDTV
April 1, 2006

America may be facing a “national state of confusion and panic” over the DTV transition, as the analog cutoff date scheduled for February 17th, 2009, approaches, stressed FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein at a policy keynote address during the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) recent DTV Summit. Adelstein said that the American public needs to be made aware of the situation so they can make the necessary decisions so as not to not be left behind. In his keynote, the commissioner issued a call to action for the word to be put out about the DTV transition, as well as a “coordinated, comprehensive campaign,” involving public and

A New Age Match for HP's HDTV Initiative
July 1, 2005

Hewlett Packard is banking on its partnership with New Age to provide synergy needed to catapult its TV brand into a market already flooded with flat screens By Nancy Klosek In 1988, when Lee Perlman and Adam Carroll, the founders of New Age Electronics, began their company, the consumer technology marketplace and its products were simpler, retail was cash-for-carry, and no one could have predicted how important providing value-added services would become to the whole equation. Seventeen years later, the success of this distributor-plus model has been capped with the recent announcement that Hewlett Packard chose New Age as its partner to distribute its

High-Tech TV Coalition Pushes for Digital Conversion Deadline
April 29, 2005

The newly formed High Tech DTV Coalition is now working with Congress to create a deadline designed to propel U.S. transition to digital television. The coalition, which includes input from trade associations like the National Association of Manufacturers, and technology companies including AT&T, Microsoft and Dell, is stressing the benefits of digital TV to specific populations, specifically first responders, wireless broadband users and rural consumers. "Near-term certainty about when the DTV transition will be complete is critical to unleashing the potential of this valuable spectrum at 700 MHz for advanced wireless and public safety applications," says Janice Obuchowski, the coalition's executive director.

ActiveLight, Display Werks Intro Digital Signage
April 27, 2005

ActiveLight, a distributor of displays and signage solutions, partnered with Display Werks to launch a 40-inch TActive LCD solution for retailers, which features an integrated touch screen for digital signage applications. The solution will officially debut on May 18 at the Digital Retailing Expo in Chicago. The showcase will, says ActiveLight, include a working installation of the digital signage application using the new TActive LCD, which will be sold exclusively through ActiveLight for $7,999 MSRP. It also includes ActiveLight's support solutions and product guarantee. "This is another step forward for the digital signage industry," says Brad Gleeson, president and COO of ActiveLight. "Interactive displays

NuVision Inks Distribution Deal With EDGE
April 27, 2005

&000;EDGE Distributor Group will now distribute NuVision's new lineup of "Deep Black" LCD TVs to the CEDIA channel via 12 nationwide distribution partners. The televisions, says EDGE, are scheduled to begin shipping late this month. "We quickly recognized the importance of catering to the specific needs of the home A/V specialist and custom install markets," explains Scott Deley, NuVision's CEO. "These customers have basically been ignored by other manufacturers." NuVision will initially offer widescreen LCD televisions in 23-, 26-, 32- and 45-inch screen sizes, built with the company's proprietary NiDO technology, 1000:1 contrast ratio and NuControl functions. Michael Levy, Edge Group

Proton Re-enters LCD TV Market
April 21, 2005

Proton will begin selling 32-inch and 37-inch LCD televisions in the U.S., Canada and Mexico starting this summer, according to the company. Known for its CRT televisions, Proton is now working with Brix Lab on a new line of LCD TVs that will be available exclusively through the Brix Lab distribution channel. Brix Lab is already the exclusive distributor for Proton-branded television products in North America, and is responsible for all sales and marketing activities for Proton in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Proton televisions will be available at retailers that cater to home theater enthusiasts and audiophiles, according to a Brix statement. "We are pleased

Seventy Percent of Consumers Want HDTV
April 7, 2005

Seven in 10 consumers plan to purchase a digital cable-ready (DCR) high-definition television (HDTV) as their next TV, according to data released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). The new DCR high-definition sets, which provide access to digital HDTV programming and other premium channels without a set-top box, are favored by 71 percent of American consumers, according to a random telephone survey conducted earlier this year by CEA Market Research. These "plug-and-play" products are now available at retailers nationwide. CEA's own campaign to urge the cable industry to support and promote the CableCARD, the security device consumers must obtain from their cable provider to

HDTV Antennas- I Just Sold a High-Def Flat Panel, Now What Do I
April 1, 2005

A potential customer walks into your store and says they want one of those new HDTVs that they were so impressed with at their friend's house, now what do I do? Oftentimes they don't know what they're really getting into, they only know that they want their HD, and they want it now. As a retailer, you're always focusing on maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction to keep your customers coming back. As their trusted expert you owe it to them to send them home with the right product and the right accessories so that they can enjoy their new purchase to its fullest.

Shoppers Want Their HDTVs!
March 22, 2005

Nearly half of all consumers plan to make their next television purchase a high-definition (HDTV) television set, according to a new consumer survey released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today. The survey results reinforce CEA's market research projection that total digital television (DTV) unit shipments will surpass analog television sales for the first time in 2005, based on the "digital tuner mandate" issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The first time that dollar sales of digital television surpassed analog television was in 2003. "HDTV is here to stay," CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro

HDTV Summit Focuses on Analog Cut Off
March 21, 2005

At last year's HDTV Summit, the concept of "shutting off" analog television broadcasts and selling off the spectrum wasn't exactly front and center. Although the original goal for such action was 2006, by last year's summit, the possibility of accomplishing that goal seemed remote. Speakers and panelists were resigned to 2009, 2012, 2020... some date in the distant future. Broadcasters and particularly consumers didn't nearly seem ready to say goodbye to analog. Even today, most Americans are still just learning about HDTV. Fewer still have the slightest clue about the analog shutoff, and they'll likely do a lot of complaining to their elected officials