CE Bag Retailer Looking to Tie One On This Summer!
June 2, 2006

Crumpler, the hipster-luring Australian-based accessories manufacturer and retailer, will kick off a nine-day “Beer for Bags” sale tomorrow in Manhattan, allowing customers to come in off the street and exchange bottles and cases of beer for computer, camera, or messenger bags. (This from the company’s ever-innovative marketing department that once put its jolly stick-figure logo on those little stickers you find on fruit.) Though Crumpler products (including covers for iPods and PDA’s) are carried in retail outlets across the country, the specialty bag retailer recently opened a signature custom bag store in Greenwich Village. A second Crumpler store is on Spring Street in

Nintendo to Lure New Gamers with New Label
June 2, 2006

This month, Nintendo DS will introduce the Touch Generations label. The brand indicates beginner-friendly DS titles like Tetris DS, Nintendogs and Sudoku Gridmaster, which require little or no experience with gaming. Other gateway games include puzzle and mind-teaser titles like Big Brain Academy, Magnetica and Brain Age, as well as one sports title, True Swing Golf. Brain Age, Nintendogs, Tetris DS and True Swing Golf are already available. Big Brain Academy and Magnetica will be released on June 6th, while Sudoku Gridmaster will come out June 26th. -David Thomas

Cell Phone or a Swiss Army Knife?
May 1, 2006

Selling Digital Cameras? Carry the Ones with a Keypad Don’t be surprised if you start seeing people holding their cell phones horizontally instead of vertically later this year. A new generation of high-quality camera phones were introduced at CTIA and the new shooters have as many or more functions as quality digital cameras. Sony Ericsson debuted the K790, its branded “Cyber-shot phone,” with an impressive 3.2 megapixels, autofocus capabilities, a Xenon flash, an active lens cover and a technology called “BestPic” which shoots in burst mode (9 shots a second) and allows you to choose the clearest image. When held horizontally, the “back” of this

Millennials Rising
April 1, 2006

Here’s the first thing to understand about today’s teenagers: Their cell phones are a natural extension of their bodies, as if their right arms had grown five more inches. The phone goes with them everywhere, allowing access to the Internet, to their parents, to each other and most importantly, to prospective love interests. This ability to communicate digitally is so second-nature that the loss of a cell phone is mourned like an injury. A day without text messaging, calling, photo-sharing, and playing Sudoku would be, to this generation, like a day without the use of your eyes, ears and voice. It’s not just that

Big Wheel, Turning
February 1, 2006

Nationwide Marketing Group rides the wheel of business, leveraging its programs, reaching out to new markets. By Janet Pinkerton It's hard enough to make one business owner happy and successful. Try doing that with 2,500-plus business owners. Unfathomably, Nationwide Marketing Group aims to do just that, addressing the diverse interests and needs of a membership body that now totals 150 core members, representing 2,500 companies operating 7,000 retail stores. Core members include Nations BrandDirect, United Stores Inc., the NECO Alliance of distributors and Nationwide West. It's a big ship to steer, and it's getting bigger and more diverse. Last year, Nationwide launched a Rent-to-Own

A Better Marketing Plan?
January 1, 2006

Carefully Mining Customer Data is Key to Marketing Success By Mike Antoniak "Most retailers are busy putting out fires all day," says Allan Katz, The Loyalty Coach retail marketing consultant . "They have to spend their time working in their business, rather than on their business." That's true, now more than ever as we move into the brisk holiday selling season. At this time of year, responsibilities of owning and managing a store can get overwhelming. But, this is also your best opportunity to candidly assess the success of your marketing efforts. What promotions and advertising generate the most traffic? Why are

Marketing Design
November 1, 2005

How Hifi House partnered with a local magazine to showcase its talents to thousands—up close and personal By David Dritsas Here's a question for small retailers: If you could have nearly 5,000 potential customers walk through your retail showroom in a period of a few short weeks, would you do it? On top of that, how would you like nearly 10 months of editorial exposure in a local lifestyle magazine to go along with it? A resounding "yes" would be the answer for most dealers. At Broomall, Pa.'s Hifi House, that's almost exactly what they were able to do by striking a partnership with

Upping the "Wow" Factor- Demos Go Live With Experiential Market
May 1, 2005

You are walking through the mall when a child shrieks and runs toward a man throwing a toy glider that does a few loops and miraculously comes right back to the hand that threw it. Five minutes later, you are greeted by an employee in a department store who is eagerly promoting a spray of a sample fragrance in the hopes of getting you hooked on a new perfume or cologne. What you have just witnessed is not a coincidental onslaught of eager sales personnel; it is experiential marketing, and you can bet it has a definite impact on increasing your sales. There are

HES Reveals Ambitious Branding Campaign
March 24, 2005

By Grant Clauser At its annual summit this year in Dallas, Texas, Home Entertainment Source (HES) General Manager Jim Ristow introduced some key initiatives to leverage the HES brand on a national level, including manufacturer support in advertising, in-store and truck signage and promotional materials to create a unified identity among HES dealers, similar to the branding campaign Brand Source, HES' parent organization, uses for its appliance dealers. Mark Baird of Brand Source says, "We do understand the audio/video specialty business is different from the Brand Source stores, but we think there are parallels." Brand Source marketing has used several strategies to increase consumer awareness. Currently,

People On The Move
January 1, 1904

Frank Raimondi, the former strategic channel alliance manager and channel program manager at Intel, has moved over to distributor Synnex as associated vice president marketing and strategic alliances. Raimondi was known at Intel for working closely with the company’s solution providers, custom system builders and strategic vendor partners. He will continue building and developing those partner relationships at Synnex and within its NEXCE consumer electronics division, which was established last September under the leadership of Gary Palenbaum, vice president of product management. In other news, Larry Hornbeck, Texas Instrument’s Fellow and the inventor and developer of the Digital Micromirror Device used