All In the Family
September 1, 2005

After their father's death, Casey and Pam Crane steer the next generation of Ken Crane's Home Entertainment into the 22nd century By Natalie Hope McDonald Ken Crane used to tell people that everything he learned about life, he learned from the cornfields of his native Indiana. To listen to his daughter Pam Crane tell the story, however, her father's vision was anything but simple. Even though Ken, Sr. died last year at the age of 86, many Midwestern values remain evident today in this family-run, Southern California-based chain. Ken Crane, after all, founded his first dealership in 1948 thanks to not only a

Retail Excellence- Bernie's
August 1, 2005

A fifty-eight-year-old business continues to succeed The Bernie's of 2005 is very different from the Bernie's of 1947, though they still hold some important things in common. When Milton Rosenberg's father, Bernie, started the business as a gas station in Hartford, Conn., gas stations were called service stations. Now, with 14 stores selling major appliances and consumer electronics, service is still the key element to Bernie's success. Bernie's 14 stores serve the southern New England territory of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The business carries about half major appliances and half consumer electronics, plus some Serta bedding. These stores do a brisk business with

Retail Excellence- REX Stores
August 1, 2005

How a small retailer went big, setting its eyes on the little guy Before the Wal-Mart's and Best Buy's of the world began their march across the heartland, it wasn't easy to buy the latest and greatest products, especially electronics, in rural America. Local mom-and-pop shops may have served these communities to a degree, but it was the job of the larger cities to house dealers carrying a variety of the newest electronics. If you lived far from these urban centers, you stood a good chance of driving several hours to shop for a new TV. It was this very gap that REX Stores

Retail Excellence- American TV, Appliance & Furniture
August 1, 2005

An old standby bucks new trends—and lives to tell about it In the 1950s, mom-and-pop shops were hallmarks of successful entrepreneurship in local communities around the United States, but this notion of civility is still honored at American TV, Appliance & Furniture throughout its Midwestern locations. Though the chain has expanded well beyond its first small storefront, the retailer was among the first electronics chains to actually offer customers a cross-section of related goods, whether it was a new color TV or even a refrigerator. The 14-store-strong business, based in Madison, Wis., still sells a successful trinity of appliances, electronics and furniture, but with

Retail Excellence- Staples
August 1, 2005

An office superstore with an eye on small business Staples makes business look easy. It did, after all, reach a $14.4 billion sales milestone in 2004 and initiate its first-ever stock dividend to its shareholders. For the first quarter 2005, Staples saw a 13 percent sales increase over the same quarter 2004. While second quarter results were not available at press time, the company's first quarter sales announcement predicted an 18 percent earnings per share growth for the quarter and a low double-digital revenue growth for the full year, 2005. Tom Stemberg founded the office superstore concept in 1986 with his first store

Retail Excellence-The Apple Store
August 1, 2005

How a small bite out of CE would mean big business for Mac Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple, had a plan to change the way his computer company reached customers with CE goods when the Apple-branded retail stores first launched in 2002. The Apple Store is a mecca for design-conscious consumers looking for a little lifestyle with their CE and has a standard for vendor-owned retail locations, perhaps igniting a trend. When Apple's first New York City-based location opened three years ago in SoHo—the largest to date at the time—Jobs championed, "Fourteen months after opening our first retail store, our 31 stores

Billboard, CTIA Debut Wireless Initiatives
June 15, 2005

A multi-year partnership was a announced between music magazine Billboard and CTIA, beginning with CTIA WIRELESS IT & Entertainment 2005, which takes place September 26 through 29.  The latest joint initiative, The Mobile Entertainment Content, Commerce & Applications Conference (MECCA), will be a part of the show at San Francisco's Moscone Center. Both groups debuted a ringtone chart at, and began publishing daily digital blogs about the wireless music market, called Billboard PostPlay. Next month, Billboard says it will launch a mobile application featuring ringtones, news, charts and artist information globally. Billboard President and Publisher John Kilcullen, says, "With over two billion mobile devices

D&M Holdings to Acquire Boston Acoustics
June 9, 2005

D&M Holdings is set to acquire Boston Acoustics, adding the speaker company to its list of companies, including Denon, Marantz, McIntosh Laboratory and the D&M Professional, ReplayTV, Rio and Escient. According to the agreement, D&M Holdings will acquire Boston Acoustics for $17.50 per share in cash for a total of approximately $76.0 million.   The acquisition of Boston Acoustics provides D&M with an additional speaker line, including A/V receivers, amplifiers and CD players; DVD players, DLP projectors and display plasma monitors; and digital media management systems. D&M reports that it is planning to operate Boston Acoustics as a distinct brand, but with D&M's

40 Under 40
June 1, 2005

This month, Dealerscope features 40 of the brightest over-achievers in the consumer electronics business. They hail from a variety of market sectors--they're retailers, marketing managers, product developers and manufacturers--but each of these all-stars have one thing in common: They were selected from nominations supplied by their industry peers based on success achieved before the age of 40.

HTSA Expands Membership
May 4, 2005

Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA), the buying group for mid-size audio and video specialists, added the Electronic Design Group (EDG) to its member base. The group now reports having 54 members in total. According to HTSA, EDG is a residential system integration company founded by Bob Gullo in 1987. EDG focuses on audio/video systems, acoustics, media room design, lighting, HVAC, telecommunications and motorized control of shades, lifts and other devices. The company has won nine CEDIA "Electronics Lifestyles" project awards, and was awarded CEDIA Dealer of the Year awards for two years in a row starting in 2004. Richard Glikes,