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Gadgetwise Blog: Measuring Your Health With Jawbone's Up
February 26, 2013

The Up band, made by Jawbone, is an electronic bracelet that helps you log your activities, eating and rest, and it can record an awful lot of data. But the more detailed the data you want, the more work you'll have to do to get it. Up, costing $130, is the technological cousin of devices like the Striiv, Fitbit, and Fit Link, among others, which range in list price from $70 to $150. The idea is that measuring your activities, what you eat and how much you sleep will help you develop a healthier

Wearable Tech Devices Optimize Content
February 21, 2013

Marketers need to start thinking about how to optimize content and related ads that appear in wearable tech devices.

An Apple application patent claim surfaced Thursday describing a flexible, wearable video device designed like a wristband.

Analysts believe it's too early to determine how marketers will need to optimize content, but marketers should consider the impact from Google Now or Apple Siri -- technology aimed at serving information even before making a request or search.

It might provide insights on the future of online advertising where content plays a bigger role.

Rumor: Samsung Plans Apple 'iWatch' Competition
February 15, 2013

News today is that it's not only Apple that has designs on some form of connected watch -- the company's ex-partner, Samsung, is also applying its design teams to the task of making a similar device, as both firms continue their "thermonuclear" battle for space in the unfolding evolution of post-PC devices.

To be fair, Samsung doesn't have the design genius of Sir Jony Ive, (now one of the world's few owners of a gold Blue Peter badge), to help its design department come up with something.

Wearable Tech is Cool, But Who's Watching the iWatch?
February 14, 2013

Speculation that Apple is developing a new wristwatch has sparked a lot of excitement about the potential for another piece of wearable technology. The watch, tech watchers say, could be integrated with your smartphone, providing another easy avenue for tracking the minute details of your life in a slick, stylish package.

Wearable technology is sweeping the tech world and bringing with it new waves of privacy concerns.

Last year, Google unveiled high-tech eyeglasses, Google Glass, that can take video and photographs. Last month's Consumer Electronics Show included exhibits about gadgets

iWatch: Are we Ready to Change the Way we View the Time?
February 13, 2013

Apple has long been rumored to be working on, well, everything. From the obvious iterative updates of its current products to iTVs, iWatches, iCars and other outlandish (and not so outlandish, in some cases) predictions on what will be the next big disruptive technology unleashed on the unsuspecting world by the technology powerhouse, Apple certainly is not running short of ideas any time soon.

Recently, both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reported that apple is indeed working on a smart wristwatch device, thanks to inside knowledge received via the never-tired journalistic

With New Sizes and Features, iPods Grow Up
October 23, 2012

If you missed Apple's new iPod lineup among the frenzy that surrounded last month's iPhone 5 announcement, you aren't alone. But these were the first new iPods from Apple in two years.

This week, I found out how much the iPod family has matured since 2010. I tested the new $299-and-up iPod touch and the $149 iPod nano. These are very different products, but they both carry Apple's simple touch interface. And both make good gifts because they won't saddle the recipient with monthly phone bills: The iPod touch runs on Wi-Fi

Why the iPod (Yes, the iPod) Still Matters
October 8, 2012

Every technology company has a product that can be said to define it. For Microsoft, it's Windows. For Google, it's Google Search. And for Apple, a company that once had the word "computer" in its name, it's the iPod. That's right, the iPod, not the iPhone or iPad or any future i-device coming along. Why? To answer, let's go back in time to 2001. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was firmly in charge, delivering newly redesigned Macs that were helping the company tread water.

Disruptions: The Next Wave for the Wristwatch
August 19, 2012

Cellphones have already muscled onto watches' turf as a time-telling tool. Now, some of the biggest technology companies are eyeing your wrist, too.

Companies like Apple, Nike and Sony, along with dozens of start-ups, hope to strap a device on your wrist.

It is quite a disruption for the wristwatch, which has not actually been around all that long. Though said to have been invented in 1868 by the Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe, it didn't really catch on until after World War I. Before that, people carried watches in their pockets

Rumor Patrol: How Apple Could Surprise Us With A New iPod Nano
August 1, 2012

An overhauled iPod Nano could arrive in Apple's upcoming news event. And it could be an Apple secret weapon.

I bet that when you picture an iPod you absolutely don't think of the current iPod Nano. You probably imagine a classic iPod or perhaps the new iPod Touch (which, by Apple's own numbers) is keeping the iPod revenue stream still flowing even as the MP3 player's relevance declines. But if some of the current rumblings prove correct, you may be making a mistake because the Nano could be a secret weapon