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Sony Expands Walkman Line (Yes, They Still Exist)
July 18, 2012

You may or may not remember the days of Walkmans, but the music players are still kicking around. They just look completely different and don't accept cassette tapes anymore.

Today, Sony introduced the latest additions to its Walkman series, the F800 and E470. The Walkman F800 runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so not only can it act as your entertainment device, but you can also use it for e-mail, Web browsing or casual gaming. The player features a 3.5-inch touchscreen and has a dedicated button so you can quickly

Samsung Takes on iPod Touch, With Flair
May 30, 2012

In the swimming pool's worth of ink that has been spilled on Apple over the years, not enough fuss has been made about the iPod Touch.

In essence, it's an iPhone without the cellphone bill. It does almost everything the iPhone does - runs 600,000 apps, plays movies and music, displays e-books, takes pictures and videos, checks e-mail and Web sites - but without requiring you to sign your soul over to Verizon or AT&T. When you factor in the monthly fees, the two-year cost of an iPhone is at least $1,880.

Taller iPod Touch Screen Parts Already Spotted in the Wild
May 22, 2012

The rumor mill continues to grind with chatter of an iPhone with a larger screen, and if new mystery parts are to be believed, the iPod Touch will receive a similar makeover.

Macrumors today posts photos of white and black front panels, said to belong to Apple's next-generation iPod Touch and sourced from an unnamed supplier. Of note, the area for the screen measures 4.1-inches diagonally as opposed to the 3.5-inches, which has been the same for all four generations of the device.

While unclear if the part is legit

Apple Should Dump the iPod Touch
April 4, 2012

I should state for the record that I love my iPod Touch. My Android phone is great for work and communication, but I can't shake my preference for the way my iPod Touch handles music, podcasts, and games. That it can go a few days without charging is also a plus. When it comes to portable media players, there's no product I could recommend more highly than an iPod Touch. The trouble is, no one asks me for recommendations anymore.

When people catch me using an iPod Touch, I'm met with mixture

At Sony, Portable Games Just Got Bigger
February 28, 2012

So how's your pocket budget these days?

No, I'm not asking about your financial circumstances. I'm asking, literally, how much space do you have in your pockets?

Women have it easier than men in this regard, because they often carry assorted objects in bags of various sizes. Men generally make do with pockets. The pocket budget is among the most important factors in global entertainment, media and technology right now: How many devices can we be expected to carry as we slouch toward the digital nirvana of doing everything everywhere all the time?

Apple and Google Reportedly Testing Wearable Computing Devices
December 19, 2011

Both Apple and Google have independently spent the last year developing and testing wearable devices which will augment and extend the functionality of smartphones, according to a New York Times report. Like a more advanced version of the Motorola ACTV, these devices would send and receive data from your smartphone, which would act as the information hub - handsets would largely stay behind the scenes and users would interact primarily with these wearable peripherals.

Apparently, some Apple employees are even wearing and testing prototypes of these devices

iPod at 10: A Game Changer Getting Long in the Tooth
October 21, 2011

Apple took a big step in its corporate renaissance with a little device that stored all of 1,000 songs, cost an eyebrow-raising $399, and had more than a few critics chuckling at Steve Jobs' expense. Jobs even seemed to anticipate that skepticism when he introduced the first iPod at a private event in the company's Cupertino, Calif., headquarters. In classic form, he saved the big reveal until the very end of the presentation, pulling out the iPod like a magician showing off the correct card pulled out from a shuffled deck. "Why music? Well, we love music, and it's

iPods may Account for Just 7 Percent of 2011 Apple Revenue
October 7, 2011

iPods are expected to account for only 7 percent of Apple's 2011 revenue, sources with Taiwanese component suppliers claim. The amount is small enough that firms in the iPod supply chain are allegedly shifting focus away to iPhones and iPads. Current orders for iPod parts are described as being "much weaker" than in past years. Impacted companies are said to include Foxconn, Pegatron, Genius Electronic Optical, Primax Electronics, Quanta Computer, and Inventec Appliance. The diminished orders are likely a result of two factors. The first is an almost unaltered iPod lineup, requiring

Microsoft Delivers Zune Player's Last Rites
October 4, 2011

It appears the Zune HD's days are officially numbered. Speculation about the fate Microsoft's troubled digital device was rekindled today when it mysteriously vanished from Microsoft's Zune Web site. Then magically reappeared. Microsoft representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But the following statement on a Zune support page appears to confirm the demise of the Zune player: It wasn't immediately clear when Microsoft made this announcement, but reports surfaced in March that Microsoft planned to discontinue making its Zune player and that Zune brand would live on as media player software on Windows Phone 7