June HDTV Numbers Are In
August 2, 2006

Pacific Media Associates reported recently that June North American unit sales for flat panel televisions and business displays are up nine percent, while average street price has dropped by almost six percent. Unit sales have increased by 64 percent since last year, with a revenue increase of 28% mitigated by the now 22% lower street price. Rosemary Abowd, vice president of pacific media, explained, “The Days Supply Index for LCD models smaller than 45 inches remained high. This will put additional downward pressure on prices.” The most popular LCD segment in June was the 30- to 35-inch range, with a 29 percent

DealerData: The Numbers That Shape CE
August 1, 2006

Every year Forrester Research conducts its North American Consumer Technology Adoption Study Benchmark Survey, the 2006 version of which, it just released. This survey of 66,707 US and Canadian households looks at how consumers use technology and how that has altered over the past few years. Not surprisingly, broadband Internet and portable electronics are gaining strength and more and more consumers are looking to the Web for shopping. Some findings from the study: Forty-one percent of North American households now have broadband Internet access at home -- up from 29 percent at the end of 2004. Seventy-five percent of North American households have mobile phones, and almost

ABI Warns Against Own-Brand Retailing
July 28, 2006

In a statement released Wednesday, research firm ABI announced that consumer electronics companies that create own-brand retail outlets and kiosks may, in the words of research director Vamsi Sistla, “disrupt the current retail ecosystem.” Companies such as Sony, Dell, Bang & Olufsen and Pioneer are following in the footsteps of Apple, who established their own line of retail stores in May, 2001. Since then, the move has proven to be a successful one for Apple, whose over 150 stores worldwide generate roughly 20% of the company’s revenue. Other corporations, warns ABI, might not be so lucky. ABI cites stock price as

Survey: More Students “Cannot Live Without” Computer Than Cell Phone or TV
July 25, 2006

According to a recent survey commissioned by Circuit City, more college students say they need a computer than a cell phone or television. The “Just What I Need for College Survey,” which polled 2,300 college students, revealed that 72 percent of them characterized computers as something they “cannot live wihtout” as compared to 53 percent who said the same thing about cell phones and 21 percent who gave that status to TVs. 72 percent also noted a preference for laptops over desktops. More than half said they started their back to school tech shopping in June or July. Circuit

DealerData: MERA Presents Industry Forecast
July 25, 2006

Yesterday, the Mobile Entertainment Retailer’s Association released a state of the industry for the mobile electronics (12-volt) side of the CE world. The report is a followup to the groups primary report released in March 2006 and the result of newly formed Forecast Advisory Committee within MERA. Overall the report “calls for the evolution of installers and salespersons that are more technical, with a better understanding of integration solutions and OEM bus systems. Going a step further, this report also urges retailers to be early-adopters of new technology in order to keep up with the demands of their consumers.” The report highlights questions for

DealerData: Prediction of LCD Slowdown
July 18, 2006

Citing recent news such as the LG.Philips announcement of major losses for the second quarter of 2006 and scaled back plans for new production line, as well as news that Taiwanese manufacturer are experiencing reductions in production and worker furloughs, research firm Pacific Media Associates is wondering if the LCD TV market may be headed for a bit of a slow down. The group reports that LCD panel inventories are high, and that some in the industry fear that prices will fall even further as manufacturers try to empty their warehouses. “The LCD industry is dealing with the results of exuberance that may have

Retail Sales Drop in June
July 17, 2006

Wall Street analyst forecasts for a 0.4 percent increase in retail sales for June were defied by a 0.1 percent drop. Much of this has been attributed to the high cost of gas, which climbed 1.1 percent in June after climbing 1.9 percent in May. A.G. Edwards chief economist Gary Thayer explains, “Consumers are feeling the pinch from rising energy prices and their spending moderated in the second quarter. This suggests that the economy is cooling off.” Electronics and appliance sales, which did not change in May, dropped 0.7 percent in June. Some economists attribute this to a slowdown in

Nintendo DS Top-Selling Gaming System in U.S.
July 17, 2006

Sales numbers released recently by NPD Group reveal that in June, the Nintendo DS portable outsold all other gaming systems of any type in the U.S. With sales boosted by the DS Lite, total sales for the system account for more than a third of June’s purchases in that category, nearly 600,000 units. One of the system’s titles, “New Super Mario Bros.” achieved top-selling game status for the second month in a row with 450,000 units sold. The adoption rate for the DS’s exclusive wireless gaming network, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, is also at an industry-best, topping that of any other system

DealerData: Keeping An Eye on LCD
July 11, 2006

In its recent Quarterly TFT LCD Supply/Demand and Capital Spending Report, DisplaySearch reported that average industry TFT LCD array fab glass input utilization dropped from a high point of 94.7 percent in Q3’05 to 86.0 percent in Q2’06. This is the lowest it has been since Q2’03, according to the firm. So what does that mean, you ask? “Fab utilization data was recently added to this report because it is a valuable metric in evaluating the health of the LCD industry,” says DisplaySearch’s Vice President Charles Annis. “With large-area TFT demand stronger than expected and very tight supply, panel makers input glass substrates to

Chinese Companies to America: What do you people want from us??
July 10, 2006

China’s top manufacturers have established themselves as the go-to source for consumer electronics distributors and retailers. So why can’t they seem to stand up for themselves in the American marketplace? Americans can rattle off names of Japanese and Korean CE companies, but very few U.S. consumers could name even one Chinese brand, much less recognize a Chinese company’s mascot or slogan. (Here’s a test: Name the company with the tag line, “Science has feeling if love exists!” That’d be the Chinese electronics giant, Hisense.) Two of China’s top CE companies, Haier and Hisense, met with a delegation from CEA this week during