An Installer Internship That Sounds Good
September 22, 2006

Sounds Good Audio, Security and Marine recently announced its 2006-2007 Installer Internship program. Students who have completed electronics courses are encouraged to participate. The 90 day program consists of lectures from industry figures such as Sounds Good President Isaac Goren on getting a job in the 12-Volt industry, the future of the industry, custom and regular installs, tools of the trade and what to expect from a position with a car audio retailer. A tour of the Sounds Good shop and installation bay in Woodland Hills is also included.

Samsung, T-Mobile Get One Step Closer to 2-Dimensional Phone
September 21, 2006

Samsung Telecommunications America and T-Mobile USA, Inc. co-announced the release of the Samsung Trace Wednesday, the slimmest bar phone available in the U.S. The phone packs an MP3 player, Bluetooth capability, a 1.3 megapixel video capture-enabled camera and an external memory slot into a frame that measures .33 inches in width. The phone is available exclusively to T-Mobile users and comes in a champagne color the companies describe as “stunning.” It’s available now at select T-Mobile retail stores and at for $99.99 after rebate.

Garmin Turns Just About Anything into a GPS Navigator
September 18, 2006

Garmin has announced the launch of new products aimed at turning laptops, PDAs, BlackBerries and smartphones into mobile navigation systems. The Garmin Mobile 10 talks to Bluetooth enabled devices, such as laptops, smartphones, Pocket PCs and PDAs, sending them navigation information on the fly. It includes Garmin Mobile XT or nRoute software and a GPS 10x GPS sensor that can be clipped to your car. Miss a turn, and the software will automatically recalculate the route for you. The Garmin Mobile 20 also uses Bluetooth but comes with a few more perks and is especially designed for smartphones. Real-time

ICE Advisory Board Announced
September 18, 2006

The In Car Experts buying group announced the 25 members of its advisory board on Friday. The board members, each selected from ICE-affiliated companies, are charged with helping to chart the course of the organization. Of the board members, ICE executive director Rob Elliot says, “What makes these retailers so successful is their ability to see opportunities and institute change accordingly. ICE believes that its retail members and vendor partners will benefit greatly from the board’s incredible experience and professionalism.” The full list of board members is available at

DealerData: Rap Corners a Market
September 12, 2006

The NPD Group just released findings from a recent study on Mobile Phone usage and found that rap/hip-hop was the top ringtone genre among those downloading ringtones in the U.S. market in July 2006. The group reported that it accounted for 23 percent of ringtone downloads. The next most popular ringtone genres were: rock (17 percent), R&B (13 percent), pop (11 percent) and alternative (8 percent). Not surprisingly younger consumers were more likely than others to download and use ringtones. Twenty-six percent of consumers who downloaded a ringtone in July 2006 were between the ages of 13 and 17, while 22 percent were between the

CCIA to Senate: Warrantless Surveillance Could Hurt Economy
September 11, 2006

The Computer and Communications Industry Association sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday petitioning the body to be wary of any legislation broadly authorizing electronic surveillance. The letter warned of the possible ill effects of allowing warrantless wiretaps, among other measures, on not only the constitution, but also the economy. The letter cited the potential harm that could come from a loss of consumer confidence in communications services that might give personal information to the government. CCIA President and CEO Ed Black said, “The loss of a sense of privacy in personal and confidential business communications will have a

5th Avenue Appeal: Nokia Sells $86,000 Phone (As Well as the Basic Clamshell) at New Store in NY
September 8, 2006

Take a quick stroll along Manhattan’s most famous shopping blocks this weekend and you’ll see: this ain’t your Mama’s 5th’s gone tech. CE Manufacturers are showcasing their most premium products in highly-designed new retail operations in the same block span as Tiffany’s, Louis Vuitton, and Bergdorf Goodman. Last May, Apple opened a one-of-a-kind retail slash tourist site right at the Southeast corner of Central Park, across from the Plaza Hotel. Tomorrow, Nokia follows suit, opening it’s fifth retail outlet in the world, the Nokia Store at 5th Ave and 57th Street, just a block away from both Apple and the Madison Avenue SonyStyle

Because MP3 Players Aren’t in Enough CE Products Already
September 7, 2006

Maisto International and Audiobahn have teamed up to create a toy that has an MP3 player hook-up built in. The new 1:10 scale Radio-Controlled Volkswagen Bus can be hooked up to any MP3 player and driven around while the tunes blast away. Since this is a collaboration with Audiobahn, they are providing one of their sound systems for the bus, albeit in a scaled-down version. Other features include working headlights, taillights, glowing engine and an actual working suspension system. The unit will be available exclusively at Target stores this holiday season.

SanDisk Gets in on Memory Card Recorder Game
September 6, 2006

Earlier this year, Neuros released a recording device that captures video from multiple sources onto a variety of memory card formats. Now SanDisk, no stranger to the memory card business, has announced their own device, the V-Mate, at the IFA show in Berlin. The V-Mate records video from such sources as broadcast television, cable, satellite, DVD, DVR and VHS onto SanDisk flash memory cards for playback on such devices as cell phones, PDAs, portable gaming devices, video music players or laptops. The device fits three-and-a-half hours of high quality video on each gigabyte of a variety of memory card formats, including

Panasonic to Produce Skype-Compatible Wi-Fi Phone
September 5, 2006

Panasonic is in the process of creating a Wi-Fi phone that will work with the Skype VoIP service. Skype features such as SkypeOut, SkypeIn, Skype Voicemail and call foarding will all be available on this product. The Skype-certified phone is planned for availability in Q4 2006. Panasonic has already released other VoIP products, including the Panasonic KX-TGA575S, a USB adaptor for use with three of their 5.8GHz Digital Expandable Cordless Systems (KX-TG5761S, KX-TG5771S, and KX-TG5776S). The device puts Skype information (contact list, call log, etc.) onto the handset to avoid the need for the user to be in front of