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How Technology Can Help Spread Literacy
July 14, 2010

With over 10,000 libraries opened worldwide and 7.4 million books already distributed to children in its 10 years, Room to Read -- a nonprofit that promotes global literacy -- aspires to curb the staggering figure of 759 million illiterate adults living in emerging nations. "If every charity was run with more of a business focus, the world would be a better place," says John Wood, a former senior executive at Microsoft before founding Room to Read in 2000.

Evolution of the MyFaceTube Car
July 14, 2010

Kicking Tires, a blog for car buyers on, recently posted a survey asking about the importance of easy Internet access in a moving vehicle. The survey reported that 65 percent of respondents under 35 years old considered in-vehicle Internet service either important or very important.

The Sachs Report estimates that this group of 65 percent is further divided into two subgroups: those who fail to begin driving for 30 seconds once the light turns green (not applicable on the East Coast) or those drivers who are literally standing on their brakes as they approach the rear of my car at 50 mph, causing that head-tucking-into-the-shoulders sound of screeching tires and billowing grey tire smoke choking out visibility in the entire intersection.


The Do's and Don'ts of Social Networking
April 14, 2010

* Be fully engaged with the development and operation of your Facebook and Twitter initiatives. Update your content all of the time!

* Customer Service 101: This is the same concept as when someone walks in to your store.  Do you allow your employees to let the customer look around without being greeted? It's the same thing with social networks. That consumer is going to your page because they are interested in some way.  If they write something on your wall, Tweet you, or comment on an image, it is your responsibility to promptly communicate in return.  You also need to give updates and Tweets as soon as anything new happens.  This allows your page to feed through users homepages more often and will entice them to visit your site.

* Involve interactive media to create a more exciting page.

* Take advantage of the new applications for Facebook Pages. Add tabs for YouTube videos (you control the links) that relate to your company. Put your most recent ads on your homepage. Include image landing page links that allow your fans to get to your e-commerce site quickly for easy conversions. Bling wins. Add some to your social network initiative.

* Join groups and events. Follow people and businesses that fit your core structure

Anthem Launches Facebook Contest
February 28, 2010

Canadian high-end CE manufacturer Anthem Electronics announced Friday that it is launching a contest to give away one Blu-ray player per month on Facebook

Facebookers Flock to Retail Promo Pages
February 17, 2010

According to a recent study done by based in Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Foresee Results, fans of the social networking site Facebook now look forward to seeing news about retail sales and promotions on their Facebook pages.