Dealerscope News Collection

TiVo Roamio OTA Going Wide Soon
January 8, 2015

TiVo's low-cost product, the TiVo Roamio OTA, is set for a wide release, the company announced Wednesday during CES. 

TiVo Mega is CI-Market Only
January 7, 2015

TiVo at International CES announced the arrival of OnePass, a new search feature that allows users to search the TiVo interface for content across all platforms. We caught a demonstration of the OnePass technology on the show floor Tuesday, and while it's similar to options offered by various rivals, its clean and easy-to-use interface was quite impressive. 

Monster is Suing Beats
January 7, 2015

After Beats by Dr. Dre sold out to Apple, a lot of people felt badly for Monster, the company that originally invented Beats and subsequently got royally screwed, locked out of the financial windfall by a bad contract. Well, now Monster, which never met a lawsuit it didn’t like, is taking the whole sordid mess to court. And it sounds like it’s gonna get ugly. To wit, the press release states, “The Complaint alleges that, other than his celebrity status as a rapper, Dr. Dre’s primary contribution was to bless Monster’s headphones 

Ford Smart Mobility Plan is Here
January 7, 2015

Get ready to hear a lot about autonomous cars at CES this year. We’ll start our coverage with Ford, who said its Smart Mobility plan will take cars to the next level of connectivity and autonomy. A press release from Ford said the big picture for the Smart Mobility is to use innovation to not only create advanced new vehicles but also to help change the way the world moves by solving today’s growing global transportation challenge

Neil Young Talks Pono Music at CES
January 7, 2015

Neil Young, an icon of music for going on five decades, hasn't listened to music for 15 years. Why not? Because music in the mp3 format is so degraded that Young can't stand it- even his own. "Everything else was getting better," he thought, "while music got worse." So the rock icon decided to do something about it- he built a new music ecosystem, including both a music store and a player. That's called Pono Music, and it's now reached retail, following the launch of the Pono Music Store. 

New Age Adds B&O Play, Emerging Tech
January 7, 2015

Distributor New Age Electronics at International CES announced a major new partnership at International CES, adding the B&O Play brand from Bang & Olufsen. New Age is working with B&O to bring the products beyond B&O's former strategy of selling only high-end merchandise in B&O retail outlets. 

TCL Revives Palm Brand
January 7, 2015

In news that goes in the "who saw that one coming?" category, TV manufacturer has announced the acquisition revival of the Palm brand. 

Sony Brings Back the Walkman
January 6, 2015

Sony brought back the iconic Walkman at International CES on Monday. Although really, the Walkman never went away. The famous tape player of the 1980s has been resurrected numerous times over the years, often as a competitor to various versions of Apple's iPod. Now, the Walkman has returned as a hi-res audio player, introduced at a press conference by Sony Monday afternoon  

Gibson Brands Debuts Trainer by Gibson Headphones
January 6, 2015

Gibson Brands, the company formerly known as Gibson Guitars, made a further move into the consumer electronics space, announcing at CES the arrival of its first headphone product, Trainer by Gibson.