Abt Electronics

December 1, 2014

M ore and more retailers are bringing fashionable tech to their stores and demand for "smartfa

NYNE Adds Retail Partners
July 31, 2014

NYNE said this week that it has added Abt Electronics, Altex Computers & Electronics, and Hudson Group’s “Tech On The Go” airport retail network  as retail partners. 

Sony Bringing "Experience" Mini-Stores to Best Buy
May 1, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO- Sony announced Thursday at a press briefing in San Francisco that it will open "Sony Experience at Best Buy" mini-retail stores in 350 Best Buy locations nationwide, with the rollout set to begin soon. Michael Fasulo, Sony Electronics' president and COO, announced the move as part of Sony's new strategy. 

The Triumph of Tablets
April 10, 2014

Tablets is a category in motion. Since their debut as a viable product four years ago with the Apple iPad, adoption rates have zoomed in broadband-equipped households (from zero in 2010 to nearly 50 percent through 2013, by Parks Associates estimates), and 2014 continues the trend, with consumers facing a choice of more and more operating systems, screen sizes and functionality with each month that passes.

Beyond the Clouds
December 1, 2013

According to last year’s headlines, Best Buy was supposed to be dead by now. “5 Reasons Best Buy’s 5-Point Plan Will Fail” proclaimed Motley Fool. “Best Buy: Is This the Last Public Gasp?” queried Forbes.

Going the Extra Yard
November 1, 2013

The run-up to February’s Super Bowl (the “Big Game,” in the parlance of retailers, who are not allowed use the NFL’s copyrighted name) is the ideal sticky marketing period. For one thing, unlike Christmas, it’s non-denominational. For another, despite earlier starts to Black Friday every year, the fall and winter months of football season still offer independent dealers of CE and peripherals the longest stretch of time by far to promote assorted aspirational products - besides big-screen TVs – that yield decent margins. It also affords dealers large and small the chance to leverage their communities’ love of the sport on a local level, through promotions involving local high school and college team programs.

Counter Offensives
October 16, 2013

There is a lot more to do at the checkout counter than just checking out.
It’s where everyone making a purchase absolutely has to stop before exiting the store.That forced pause affords CE and appliance dealers a final, ready-made opportunity to engage, present and even cajole an extra question or two about a product from a paying customer who’s already on the hook.  And if that area is merchandised just right, time spent by a customer there can lead to some of the highest ticket and highest margin sales in the store.

Shaping the 4K UHD TV Rollout
July 1, 2013

Major TV vendors are hoping to get it right with their next big launch: 4K UHD TVs. Some companies have already released a few models, while others are planning late-year introductions. They’re all hoping the market buzz will also boost sales of their high-end 2K sets. But every company that has skin in the game knows it will take more than a stunning picture to draw consumer attention to the latest technology on the retail floor. Most are supplying dealers with sales training, all forms of online and mobile assets, and 4K demo content.