Acoustic Research

Harman Luxury Audio Plans CEDIA Session
July 23, 2014

Harman Luxury Audio is planning a seminar on “The Science of Loudspeaker-Room Calibration” at CEDIA Expo in September, the company announced.

VOXX Enters Identity Authentication Category at CES
January 6, 2014

Citing a strategy of pursuit of “organic growth in directions that will create new distribution channels and expand our footprint,” VOXX Electronics Corp. president Tom Malone announced the company’s partnership with the iris-identity-authentication solutions provider EyeLock, which will result in the sale to the consumer and enterprise markets of the myris USB-enabled iris identity authenticator. How myris works is that it converts an individual’s iris patterns to a code unique to that person, then matches that code to the individual’s eyes to grant access to devices and digital platforms.

Voxx Brands Churn Out Convenience for the Home
January 11, 2013

A full year has passed since Audiovox rebranded as VOXX International Corporation to better reflect its many global brands. Appropriately VOXX spent the first half of its 2013 CES press conference discussing the new home audio products from subsidiaries VOXX Accessories Corp., Acoustic Research and RCA.

Acoustic Research Ships Home Theater Power Station
September 5, 2012

Acoustic Research (AR) this week announced that it has begun shipping the new PW1000 Home Theater Power Station with SpeedPass. The product features what the company calls best-in-class 75dB of EMI/RFI filtering power conditioning and 6840 joules of surge protection.