Klipsch Speakers Come to Alienware Laptops
June 13, 2013

We normally don’t delve too deeply into PC tech here at HomeTechTell unless it’s specifically HTPC or home automation related, but Alienware’s new 14-, 17-, and 18-inch laptops introduced this week at E3 feature some spiffy hidden tech provided by a speaker company we love to itty bitty bits. Klipsh has announced that it is providing the premium 2.1-channel speaker solution for all three of Alienware’s new gaming laptops.

Could PC Gaming Make a Comeback?
July 5, 2012

With no replacement for Microsoft's Xbox 360 or Sony's PlayStation 3 coming this year, PC games could see a resurgence and with it demand for high-end gaming computers designed to provide the best gaming experience. A decade ago the PC was the system of choice for many video gamers who wanted the best graphics, the most cutting-edge gaming experience and the ability to play with friends online. Before the arrival of the Xbox from Microsoft and the PlayStation from Sony, the PC was the dominant system for multiplayer action-based games.

Times changed

Best Deals for Tech Gadgets
April 24, 2012

Don't rush out to buy the newest gadget. Patience pays off with lower prices. Time it right. Want a TV? Look just before the Super Bowl. In the market for a digital camera? New models are out early in the year. Notebook computers are often discounted in late summer for back-to-school shoppers.

The shopping site can help you time your purchase based on a pricing-history algorithm and other factors. If nothing else, wait until December -- tech prices are generally lowest then as retailers try to entice holiday shoppers, says Michael Paulson

Alienware X51: A Low-Cost Gaming PC That Looks Like a Console
January 19, 2012

Alienware announced a new line of gaming PCs yesterday. These PCs are designed to get more people into PC gaming, a feat that many see as being a risky and costly endeavor. The Alienware X51 desktop PC comes with everything one would need to start playing recent PC games, but it also leaves the door open for upgrades. Alienware is selling the X51 starting at $699.

Hewlett-Packard Unveils Reclining PC to Battle IPad, Tablets
February 7, 2011

Hewlett-Packard Co., the worlds largest maker of personal computers, announced a redesigned touch-screen desktop that can tilt back, to discourage business customers from switching to Apple Inc.s iPad and other tablet computers. The TouchSmart 9300 Elite, which houses all of its electronics behind a 23-inch screen, can recline to a 60-degree angle, said Randall Martin, a chief design strategist at Palo Alto, California-based HP. The desktop computer can become almost flush with the tabletop, making it easier for people to gather around and engage with the touch-sensitive screen. HP is adapting the consumer version of the TouchSmart to be

HP Product Availability Affected By Intel Chipset-Design Flaw
February 2, 2011

Hewlett-Packard Co. said that the availability of certain machines will be impacted by a chip- design flaw disclosed by Intel Corp. and that it will delay a product presentation scheduled for next week in San Francisco. We are postponing the business notebooks briefing on Feb. 10 as the availability of HP products will be impacted by the flaw outlined by Intel, according to a statement sent to reporters yesterday by Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. Intel, the worlds largest maker of semiconductors, said on Jan. 31 that it will incur $1 billion in missed sales and higher cost to fix

Android and Qualcomm are the New Wintel
November 12, 2010

Google's Android mobile operating system has been credited with saving struggling handset manufacturers, but it may ultimately be the thing that kills a number of them off. Before Android came around, mobile devices typically had hardware integrated with custom operating software, which differentiated LG phones from Samsung phones from Motorola phones, and so on. No two devices from rival manufacturers were at all alike. But now, for the first time ever in the wireless ecosystem, a standard platform is emerging: At least a dozen handset makers have brought to market more than 90 different smartphones that run Android

Dell Re-Imagines High-Definition Entertainment with New Family of XPS Laptops
October 21, 2010

Providing the ultimate mobile entertainment experience, Dell’s family of new XPS laptops deliver pulse pounding JBL and , a cinema-like HD video experience featuring cutting-edge graphics from NVIDIA, and the industry's first Skype-certified laptops with HD video streaming webcams so you can stay close to friends and family. Dell's family of new XPS laptops deliver pulse pounding JBL and , a cinema-like HD video experience featuring cutting-edge graphics from NVIDIA, and the industry's first Skype-certified laptops with HD video streaming webcams so you can stay close to friends and family.

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