American TV and Appliances

NATM Adds American TV and Appliances, Big Screen Store
December 10, 2012

The NATM Buying Group said this week that it has added a pair of new members. 

American TV and Appliances (Madison, Wisc.) and The Big Screen Store (Baltimore) will both become members of NATM starting Jan. 1.

Retail Excellence- American TV, Appliance & Furniture
August 1, 2005

An old standby bucks new trends—and lives to tell about it In the 1950s, mom-and-pop shops were hallmarks of successful entrepreneurship in local communities around the United States, but this notion of civility is still honored at American TV, Appliance & Furniture throughout its Midwestern locations. Though the chain has expanded well beyond its first small storefront, the retailer was among the first electronics chains to actually offer customers a cross-section of related goods, whether it was a new color TV or even a refrigerator. The 14-store-strong business, based in Madison, Wis., still sells a successful trinity of appliances, electronics and furniture, but with

Geography of Retailing- The Heartla
April 1, 2005

This month we look at the very center of the country, a largely rural, seven-state region served north to south by Interstates 29 and 35. For the purposes of brevity, we'll call it the Heartland. Population and demographics All of the states in the Heartland, for at least the past 15 years, have been growing more slowly than the country as a whole; in fact, North Dakota recently was actually declining in population. The aggregate population of these enormous states is just less than that of the New York City metro area. Missouri is the most populous state of the seven, with over 5.75