Apple Retail Stores

Apple Stores Offer "Hour of Code"
December 10, 2013

Apple Retail Stores are going to start training America's next generation of coders by offering a one hour course to get them started. On Monday, Apple announced it will be offering an "Hour of Code" development class this Wednesday to introduce some students to programming. The free workshops will be held at all of the company's retail stores during the 5:00-6:00 PM hour. Students cannot just walk in and take the workshop like some of the other workshops that Apple offers, but must make reservations prior to Wednesday.

Apple Retail Stores, and the Role They Play in iPhone Sales
July 24, 2013

Apple’s iPhone sales climbed during Q3 2013, which is great news for Apple because it is selling more iPhones, right? Not quite. Apple’s retail stores haven’t been selling as many iPhones as a customer would imagine if taking a stroll through one of the many brightly lit, insanely polished Apple Stores.

Apple Retail Stores Averaged $1.25M In Revenue Per Week For Q1 2013
January 23, 2013

As we learn more about Apple's Q1 in 2013, we've found out some interesting facts about Apple's retail stores.

The company says that it has opened 401 stores total, with four new ones in China alone. The average revenue per store is $1.25 million per week, compared to $1.22 million last year.

It's no secret that Apple has unlocked something very special in its retail stores. They're all arranged basically the same way, and the experience is something similar to walking into a Starbucks.

Apple Store May Phase Out Boxed Software
February 8, 2011

Apple is reportedly in the process of phasing out boxed software in its Apple Retail Stores, thanks to its success in selling software digitally through the iTunes and Mac App Stores.

Report: iPad Training Starts Next Week
March 2, 2010

Employees at Apple Retail Stores will get their first look at the new iPad device on March 10, in preparation for the device's release, probably on March 26

Best Buy, Other Retailers Will Get iPad
February 23, 2010

Apple's new iPad device will be sold at other venues in addition to the company's Apple Retail Stores, including Best Buy, the company's chief operating officer said Tuesday.

First Leases For Microsoft Stores
July 29, 2009

Microsoft has signed its first two leases for its new retail stores opening in the fall.Microsoft has signed its first two leases for its new retail stores opening in the fall.

AT&T Sold Out of First-Day 3GS
June 15, 2009

Customers wanting the new iPhone on opening day can't expect to get it from AT&T, because the carrier is already sold out for the device's release date.