Cable Vendors Embrace The 1394 Connection
August 1, 1999

The high-speed IEEE1394 digital interface, which has the ability to connect all types of consumer electronics to PCs at a transfer rate of up to 4MB per second, is fast being adopted by many leading electronics manufacturers. The IEEE1394 technology was invented by Apple Computer, Inc. The Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE) adopted its as an industry standard in 1995. "It's like a ground swell that's all going to hit at once," said Mike Field, Compaq Consumer Group manager of configure-to-order product marketing, of the public's acceptance of 1394 technology. Although Field could not name specific companies, he told of projects in the works that would

Big Competition in Low Price Points
May 1, 1999

It may be almost summer, and students are just starting to enjoy their long vacation away from studies, but before we know it, it'll be time to start packing lunch boxes again for the little ones and new PCs for the big ones. Now with the price of PC components dropping and students' needs growing, it's likely a computer may become the new standard high school graduation gift. A handful of familiar and unfamiliar brands have emerged in the last year or so, with machines priced less than a spring break at Daytona Beach. Even more earth shaking is the recent emergence of a new

Home Networking Part 2 - Opening the Pipeline with 1394
October 1, 1998

By Janet Pinkerton One of the biggest glitches in high definition television (HDTV) is its current incompatibility with the set-top boxes operated by U.S. cable systems, which deliver television programming to roughly 70 percent of the nation's households. Challenged by Federal Communications Commission Chairman William Kennard's November 1 deadline for resolving the issue, the cable and consumer electronics industries are positioning the IEEE 1394 digital bus as a primary technology for linking cable set-top boxes to DTV receivers. The technology--called "Firewire" by Apple, "iLink" by Sony--is a powerful means of transporting loss-less digital information on a home network, but it is one that exposes