Handspring Announces Trade-Up Program, Lower Profits
June 11, 2001

By David Dritsas Last week Handspring, makers of the Visor line of Palm OS-based PDAs, announced a PDA trade-in program for PDA users to upgrade to the Visor Edge, its latest, slim-style PDA. Meanwhile the company announced a conservative forecast for its fiscal fourth quarter. As of June 8th, Handspring began offering a trade-in program just about any user of PDA's including Palms, Pocket PCs and others. The program allows owners of PDAs to purchase a Visor Edge with a $100 credit. Additionally current Visor users can receive $100 off the purchase of a Visor Edge by supplying the company with a proof of purchase. Currently

Onkyo at CompUSA?
June 4, 2001

By David Dritsas Yes, it's true. You will now be seeing Onkyo products in computer retail stores. The company announced last week that it is now entering the multimedia speaker arena. It already begun shipping PC speaker systems for both Windows and Macintosh computer systems and intends to grow this category. At press demonstrations held at Onkyo's U.S headquarters in Upper Saddle River, N.J. the company showed its entire line of home a/v products, including new receivers and home-theater-in-a-box skus and unveiled a two models of PC speaker systems in home theater configurations. The two products are starting out a line that the company says is

At NAB 2001 - Some DTV Momentum
June 1, 2001

By Markkus Rovito Amidst the bulk of professional broadcasting and content creation news and products announced at the National Association of Broadcasters 2001 trade show, an underlying theme was the momentum gain the industry feels is happening in the transition to digital television. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced that they would be partnering in a promotional effort to expand consumer awareness of DTV products and programming options. A print and broadcasts advertising campaign will launch in the fall along with retailer tie-ins. The groups will be meeting in June to work out more details.

5/01 Editorial Index
May 1, 2001

Company Web Site Page# AirPrime 16 Alpine 22,23 Apple 10 AT&T Wireless 16 Audiovox 16 Avanti 27,28 Belkin Components 20 Blaupunkt 22 Casio 24 Cingular Wireless 16 Compaq 10 CMC Magnetics Corp. 23 Danby 27 eBrain Market Research 8 Epson 6 Ericsson 16 Essential Reality 20 Faroudja 12 Good Technology 23 Hewlett Packard 3,6,10 Handspring 16,23 I-Jam 23 InterAct Accessories 20 Iomega 23 Infinity Products 22 JBL 22 JVC 23,26 Kessel 23 Kenwood 12,23 Kicker 22 Kinyo 20 Kodak 23 Konica 23 Konka 26 Kyocera Wireless Corp 16 LG Electronics 27 LG InfoComm USA 16 MCC/Verbatim 10 Mad Catz 20 Maxell 10 Memorex 10 Microsoft 18 Mitsubishi Wireless Communications 16 Motorola 16 my-Vox 23 NEC America 16 Nextel 16 Nintendo 18 Nokia 16 Palm Computing 23 Panasonic 10,16,24,26 Philips 10,26 Pioneer 6,22 Polaroid 23 Ricoh 10 Royal 23 Sampo 23 Samsung 16,23,26,27 Sega 18 Sendo 16 Sharp Electronics 27 Siemens 16 Sirius Satellite Radio 6 SonicBlue 23 Sony 18,24 Soundcrafters 22 Sprint PCS 16 Sub-Zero 27 TDK 10 Telemania 24 Thomson Multimedia 3,6,10,26 Thrustmaster 20 Toshiba 26 Uniden 24 Verizon

DVD Recordable Media--Is This the Year?
May 1, 2001

By David Dritsas There has been a lot of talk about DVD recording. Movie studios and broadcasters are worried about copyright protection, and CE manufacturers are still coming to terms with which re-cordable format to use. Some hardware is already selling, but is this really going to be the year for consumer DVD re-cording? Or are we just in for a slow and rocky start? "We believe it will take more time," said Chris Bailey, digital and optical products manager for TDK, commenting that, while the DVD recordable market is going to grow, he didn't agree it would explode this year. TDK currently offers three levels

March 1, 2001

By Janet PinkertonFree Association: A meditation on the consumer electronics industry. Last month, I wrote "Hey, satellite radio is cool!" It still is. Probably. XM Satellite Radio said STMicroelectronics nailed its much-needed chipsets. Sirius signed Sanyo and Sony as hardware suppliers. Good deal. But I wonder what happens to all of those smart regional retailers who use demographic-specific radio—the jazz stations, the NPR-types, the hipster boomers—for efficient advertising. These demographics for many reasons are likely to buy into satellite radio, Internet radio, satellite video. Globally available, high-quality audio and video media services may create a problem, long term, for the retail marketers, as newspapers lose their

Editorial Index
December 1, 2000

Company Web Site Page# Adobe 34 Amana 36 America Online 34 Apple 16 Compaq 16 Charmed Technology 34 Dell Computers 16 DigiScents 34 Dolby 33 E-Book Systems 34 Electrolux Home Appliances 36 Energizer 35 34 Fedco 35 GE Appliances 36 34 Intel 34 JBRO 35 JVC 16 Marantz 33 Maytag 36 Microsoft 16, 26, 34 34 Nintendo 16 Nokia 16 Onkyo 33 Panasonic 33 Philips 32 RCA 16 Rayovac 35 Sanyo 35

October 1, 2000

Sharp's 15-inch LCD TV Sharp is shipping the LC-15A2U 15-inch, LCD-based television. The 15A2U weighs just over 10 pounds and features a 181-channel cable tuner, component, S-Video and composite inputs and a 200:1 contrast ratio. It retails for $1,299 and comes with a swivel tabletop stand. Wall mounting brackets are optional. Thomson's RCA-Brand eBooks Thomson introduced its RCA-branded eBook line at the New York is Book Country book fair last month. Sold under the RCA brand name and licensed from Gemstar-TV Guide International, the REB1100 and the REB1200 are portable, at 17 ounces and 33 ounces, respectively. Both devices use the Gemstar eBookT

MacWorld New York - Shakes Things Up
September 1, 2000

By David Dritsas Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs' keynote speech at MacWorld New York resembled a fashion show. New iMac colors, G4 configurations, movie-editing software, a retail relationship with Circuit City, the Power Mac G4 Cube—an entirely new product for both the company and the computer industry—all drew excited reactions from the audience. Meanwhile, exhibitors showed some of their latest in a growing product category of Mac peripherals. The show-stopper was Apple's new, fifth product category. The G4 Cube is a compact, 8-inch cube with all the benefits of a G4 desktop tower, including expansion slots for extras, such as sound and graphics cards. The first-level

Circuit City Changing for Gain
August 1, 2000

By Janet Pinkerton RICHMOND, Va.—Never say that Circuit City is afraid to change. Late last month, the retailer stunned the industry by announcing they would exit the appliance business by the end of November to launch a three-year plan to remodel all superstores nationwide in an expanded CE-only format. Discontinuing the sale of appliances allows Circuit City to expand its consumer electronics and home office selections, add more interactive displays and a greater selection of "take-with" merchandise, along with cash registers for easy checkout—remodeling each store at a tune of $2.5 million on average. In the interim, Circuit City will replace the appliances