First Nuvifone is On the Way
February 5, 2009

Garmin has issued more details about the Nuvifone, the GPS-enabled smart phone line it plans to release later this year.

ASUS Highlights CE Hot Spot
January 7, 2009

Jonney Shih, chairman and CEO of ASUS, took the stage to show off the company’s latest line of sub-compact notebooks, along with the new features and functions of its other mobile computing systems.

The Best of 2008
November 6, 2008

Gary Chorman didn’t skip a beat when asked to name the best new product of the year.

Eee PC Maker Set For Mobile Phones
April 25, 2008

The company behind the small, low-cost Eee PC is now entering the mobile phone market, Forbes reported this week. ASUS, the Taiwanese company that introduced the Eee PC last fall and has sold over a million units since, recently introduced the phone, called the P527. In a twist on the formula the phone, targeted towards business travelers, retails for $500-$600- more than the Eee PC itself. That’s because it’s loaded with features: a touchscreen display, a camera, WiFi Internet, and even GPS. It can even work as a remote control for PowerPoint presentations, among its many Windows Mobile applications. What do you

Eee PC With Windows is on the Way
March 6, 2008

A popular, inexpensive new sub-notebook PC from the Taiwanese company Asus has made its debut in Japan and is likely headed to the U.S. soon, CNET reported Monday, citing a report from a British news agency. The Eee PC, which gets its name from the slogan “Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play,” runs Windows XP, and includes 12GB of storage, an Intel Celeron processor and a 9-inch screen. The computer was supposed to be released late last year but was delayed; it appeared at International CES in Las Vegas in January. What do you think about the Eee

Getting the Connection
December 1, 2006

Increased global demand for next-generation PCs and peripherals, TV receivers, home theater systems and A/V equipment is driving the rapid growth of the multimedia connectors industry in Greater China, according to Global Sources’ recently released report on multimedia connectors. By 2008, Greater China, which spans mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, is forecast to capture 35 percent of the world market for multimedia connectors. The industry is forecast to remain bullish with the influx of foreign companies into the region, and the increasing number of domestic connector makers diversifying into multimedia connector production. Based on data gathered by Global Sources from a survey