Audio Control

Beyond Bondo
May 1, 2008

We have seen the scenario over and over again in the mobile electronics industry: A twenty-something-year-old guy comes in for a job saying he has experience installing everything … on a friend’s car. The problem is the friend’s car isn’t a S63 AMG or 750Li. On top of that, the work most likely took place in a less-than-professional environment, where the rules of conduct weren’t quite what they’d be at a reputable shop. For store owners, it has become more difficult to hire young workers for fear of unleashing a green 20-year-old wielding a pair of Snap-On wire cutters on a luxury

Audio at CES - Is Surround EX Too Much?
January 1, 2000

For the last few years, fans of multi-channel audio have been barraged with one new format after another. First, they were told to upgrade from Dolby Pro Logic to Dolby Digital. Then came along DTS, which sounded better but was limited to a handful of titles. Now, consumers and those who sell to them are confronted with Surround EX, yet another new format, created by Dolby Labs and Lucasfilm, which is licensing the technology through its THX subsidiary. Surround EX adds a discrete rear-center audio channel, in effect bumping Dolby Digital from 5.1 channels to 6.1. Only two DVD titles, Austin Powers: The Spy

CEDIA Audio Prepares for Expansion and Change
September 1, 1999

Multi-room applications, more surround sound speakers, future digital innovations and the great outdoors will be the audio focus at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association's (CEDIA) Expo '99 this month in Indianapolis. No longer must vendors merely pursue the Holy Grail of pure sound and pure aesthetic design. DVD-Audio, DVD-Universal, Super Audio CD and advanced digital optical recording options are demanding that the audio community also provide compatibility, "upgradability" and flexibility. No easy trick. But here's a quick look at what vendors plan to bring to the CEDIA Expo '99. Acoustic Research will demonstrate its Phantom Series of ultra-thin, wall-hanging speakers. The series

Gearing Up for Selling Season
April 1, 1998

The mobile electronics industry is looking for some relief from wet weather and lagging sales and is hoping to open the market to cabin-fever purchases of booming car stereo systems during the promo season. Most product previewed on the CES show floor is just beginning to hit retailers' floors and much of it will be showcased in Fuse '98, the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association's first consumer show, June 19-21 in Atlantic City, NJ. As Clarion pretty much has all the bases covered--autosound, navigation, security and multimedia--with its Windows CE-driven AutoPC, other manufacturers concentrate on pumping out more powerful and feature-ladden autosound products at lower