Audio Express

Intelligent Installations
August 1, 2008

If you’ve ever torn apart a dash when you didn’t have to, or taken out the center console when the lead was hiding in the trunk, then you understand what mobile installers from Audio Express go through every day. Everyone is an expert, but there’s rarely a day when at least one customer doesn’t come in with a vehicle that is either new to the crew, uncommon or known to have difficult wiring diagrams. “There’s no way that every installer or every salesperson can know the difficulty of every car,” said Grant Phillips, director of purchasing for Audio Express. “There are some cars that

Victory Technologies, Audio Express Team Up
May 16, 2008

Victory Technologies announced last week that it has reached an agreement with the Arizona-based chain Audio Express to provide its Installation Excellence software. Audio Express operates 43 stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Missouri and other states. “We are very happy to have Audio Express on board and look forward to serving them for many years to come,” Victory Technologies’ vice president of sales and marketing, Paul Pirro, said in a statement. For more information on the company and its products, visit

Alvin Klement, National Sales Manager, Klipsch Audio Technologies
June 5, 2007

Age: 35 Birthplace: Richmond, Va. Career History: Klement, an 18-year industry veteran, joined Klipsch in 2002 as Southeast Territory Manager after 13 years with Audio Express in Richmond, where he was a sales rep, a car and home electronics installer, a store manager and finally a buyer for the company’s four home electronics store locations. At Klipsch, he broke records in 2004 and 2005 for residential contracting and specialty retail sales growth. Greatest Business Achievements: He is the youngest person at Klipsch to achieve his present position, and the only person ever to bypass the Regional Sales Manager position in the process. Advice:

DEALERSCOPE’S TOP 101 CE RETAILERS Sponsored by: Rank Rank CE Sales % CE Change Total Sales No. of Stores 2006 2005 Retailer 2006 2005 ‘06 vs. ‘05 2006 2005 2006 2005 Company News
March 1, 2007

1 1 Dell 37.43 B 36.28 B 3.17 37.43 B 36.28 B 1 N/A 1 Dell Way Round Rock, TX 78682 512-338-4400 Michael Dell Public, EO (MO/Web) 2 2 Best Buy 22.48 B 19.45 B 15.58 29.97 B 26.65 B 858 742 7601 Penn Ave. South Richfield, MN 55423 612-291-1000 Bradbury H. Anderson Public, ATVM (+Web) 3 3 Wal-Mart 23.49 B 21.68 B 1.81 234.87 B 216.77 B 3,689 3,461 702 SW Eighth St. Bentonville, AR 72716 479-273-4000 H. Lee Scott Jr. Public, MM (+Web) 4 4 Circuit City 11.93 B 10.79 B 10.56 11.93 B 10.79 B 653 631 9950 Maryland Dr. Richmond, VA 23233 804-527-4000 Philip J. Schoonover Public, EO (+Web) 5 5 Staples 8.1 B 7.23 B 12.03 15.41 B 13.85 B 1,576 1,491 500 Staples

Road Views
May 1, 2006

Dealerscope: How has your overall mobile electronics business been over the past year—are you up, down, or about on par with the same period in 2005? Mike Cofield: It’s good—up about five percent. Business has met our expectations. Mehdi Narimanian: We’re up, thanks to bigger-ticket items. There’s lots of negative news out there on mobile electronics in general. But our navigation, video and satellite radio business has helped other categories. Dan Jeancola: We’re up over the year before, but within the business itself, the industry is in transition. Between categories it’s shifting pretty dramatically. Core car sources in the industry are depressed, but