From Custom Retailer: AVAD D2B Scores in Charlotte
December 18, 2006

Distributor AVAD said its Dealer 2 Builder (D2B) Program, which connects integrators with builders, has teamed Simonini Builders with systems integration firm Digital Home Systems to install home theaters in multiple new residential developments across the metropolitan Charlotte, N.C., area. The Simonini homes will feature home theater packages installed by Digital Home Systems. Home buyers can choose a basic package that includes a 42-inch Samsung plasma TV, a Peerless wall mount system, Bose speakers, bass module, remote control, Adapt IQ audio calibration system and a Built-Invisible Media Center, which includes a progressive-scan DVD player and AM/FM tuner. Also included is an outdoor music zone.

New AVAD Center Opens in Richmond
November 1, 2006

AVAD has opened a new distribution and training center in Richmond, Va. The 13,000 plus square foot facility houses residential systems solutions, a video inventory and room for training, technical and sales support. Located off of I-95 in the Ashland suburb, the center features a showroom and theater for demonstrations. Said Kip Dillinger, vice president of AVAD Metro East, “This new location will provide convenience and cut down on travel time for our dealers, saving them considerable time and money. And this facility is literally seconds off the interstate.”

New AVAD Center Opens in Raleigh
October 17, 2006

AVAD LLC announced the opening of a new distribution center in Raleigh, N.C. last week. The 17,000 square foot facility is now accepting orders and will begin shipping this month. The building will also serve as a training and support center. AVAD has located the facility just off of the Interstate at 9300 Globe Center Drive, Suite 116 in the Raleigh suburb Morrisville. The opening was celebrated at the National AVAD Open House and Barbecue last Friday at all AVAD locations.

AVAD Opens Three New Locations
August 3, 2006

AVAD has opened new locations in Woburn, Mass.; Austin, Texas and Tampa, Fla. By October 1, AVAD plans to open six more locations in Las Vegas, Nev.; San Jose, Calif.; downtown Chicago, Ill.; Raleigh, N.C., Richmond, Va. and Philadelphia, Pa. The Woburn location encompasses 13,500 square feet and includes a training facility and a “technology playroom” for customers and integrators. AVAD’s Tampa facility spans 18,000 square feet and features two theater demonstration venues. At 23,606 square feet, AVAD Austin is the largest of the three and houses a call center, warehouse space and a demonstration show room. Says Bob

Opining On Audio
April 1, 2006

Alberto Fabiano, partner, DSI Entertainment Systems, West Hollywood, Calif. Bob Gartland, president, AVAD Buying Group David Wexler, president, The Little Guys, Glenwood, Ill. What is the overall outlook for audio in 2006? What is being done to promote audio better? Bob Gartland: Our audio business is up and distributed audio is growing. There are a few aspects to it. We’ve been selling in-wall speakers with volume control, with keypad control, with speaker selectors for a long time. There’s a reasonable amount of consumers who have owned some version of it, and will want to own it again in their next home or when

Transshipped At A Cost
April 15, 2004

Transshipped At A Cost The resale of products at wholesale is pervasive, but some are bolstering efforts to keep it in check. By Janet Pinkerton This scenario may sound familiar: A fulfillment house legitimately purchases 4,000 camcorders directly from a vendor at a good price, taking delivery over six months time for a premium rewards program. But at the program's end there are 100 left over in inventory and so the fulfillment house turns around and sells off the remaining camcorders at wholesale "on the streets" to other retailers. It's called transshipping, and it's an all-to-common practice at all levels of retail that few

The China Factor
January 8, 2004

China's booming electronics manufacturing base is set to change U.S. business and branding models forever. By Janet Pinkerton and Joe Paone Not since the arrival of Japanese CE products on these shores during the 1960s has such a fundamental change in the industry fabric occurred as the recent ascendancy of Chinese manufacturers and products. For many years numerous retailers have sourced inexpensive Chinese products and offered them as house brands or impulse buys. Now, however, Chinese companies are building brands, perfecting production, ramping up R&D, delivering innovative features, and they are in a position to change the industry as we know it, for good

Movers & Shakers
December 1, 2003

People in the industry The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced a slew of elections to its board and its product divisions. Tom Callahan, president of Sawyers Control Systems, a home electronics integration company, became CEA's TechHome Division Chair and a member of the CEA Executive Board. Callahan is the first non-manufacturer elected to the CEA Executive Board. Other new CEA Executive Board members include Mike O'Neal, chair of CEA's Accessories Division and president and CEO of Gemini Industries; Gary Warzin, chair of CEA's Audio Division and president of Audiophile Systems; and Peter Fannon, chair of CEA's Video Division and vice president of technology policy and regulatory

Pipeline News
January 1, 2001

Lucent Spins Off Lucent Technologies has selected Agere (pronounced a-GEAR) Systems as the name of its new Microelectronics spin-off, which the company has been planning since July 20. An initial public offering of up to 20 percent of the new company is planned and it intends to spin off the remaining shares in a tax-free distribution. The IPO will take place by the end of the first quarter of 2001 and the spin-off should be completed by the summer of 2001. Agere Systems develops and manufactures communications products for wireless, access, networking and computing applications. It also designs, develops and manufactures optoelectronics components for