Beats Electronics

Rearranging the Deck Chairs on a Sinking Ship
February 19, 2015

When I started hearing talk in our industry a few years ago about renewed attention to better-than-CD-quality audio experiences, I was frankly thrilled and was certain that my colleagues at the many audio component, speaker, headphone, and pipeline companies would feel the same way.  In a world dominated by streaming of 128K compressed audio files, we all know the public needs to be shown that experiences better than that exist for them, or they will never aspire to own our products and systems.  What better way to do that than using an exciting emergent-technology platform to paint the picture of what’s possible?

The Lost Art of the Demo
February 4, 2015

As I write this, I’ve been back from International CES for a few days and I’m still incredibly energized from the experience and inspired by how innovation drives our industry. While much of my time was spent at our suites at the Venetian, I did get a chance to pretend I was an attendee and cruise exhibits at the LVCC and elsewhere, and while I was doing it, I thought about how we in the home entertainment part of the CE world paint pictures for our customers of the amazing experiences are products are capable of creating.

Look What's Happening to Ears!
February 1, 2015

Companies old and new, from around the world, rushed into the headphone space hoping to be the next Beats.

Dr. Dre And Beats Sued Over Alleged Headphone Fraud
January 12, 2015

Audio equipment maker Monster LLC has sued Beats Electronics LLC, owned by Apple Inc , over alleged "fraud and deceit" in the way that Beats acquired control of the rights to the popular "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones.

Monster is Suing Beats
January 7, 2015

After Beats by Dr. Dre sold out to Apple, a lot of people felt badly for Monster, the company that originally invented Beats and subsequently got royally screwed, locked out of the financial windfall by a bad contract. Well, now Monster, which never met a lawsuit it didn’t like, is taking the whole sordid mess to court. And it sounds like it’s gonna get ugly. To wit, the press release states, “The Complaint alleges that, other than his celebrity status as a rapper, Dr. Dre’s primary contribution was to bless Monster’s headphones 

Bose Eyes Music Streaming Service
December 17, 2014

Bose is reportedly looking to compete with rival Beats on another front: Streaming music. According to music technology news site Hypebot, Bose is looking to launch a “next generation streaming music platform” and is “moving quickly” to do so.

Bose is Back at the Apple Store
December 10, 2014

It looks like Apple will indeed be cashing in on Bose speakers and headphones sales in time for the remainder of the holiday shopping season. Yesterday rumors surfaced that Apple was readying its retail stores to carry Bose products once again, and today 9to5Mac has confirmed that Bose products, including the very popular SoundLink III/ Mini Bluetooth speakers, will once again be sold by Apple alongside its Beats-branded speakers and headphones that it acquired for $3 billion earlier this year…