New Web Site For BG Radia
September 4, 2008

The ribbon loudspeaker technology provider BG Radia announced this week that it has launched a new Web site, at The new site features faster loading and navigation, as well as more news and reviews. The site will also prominently feature the company’s new in-wall subwoofer, the BGX-4850, which is set for launch soon. The company, formerly known as simply BG, announced a rebranding in April.

BG is Now BG Radia
April 9, 2008

The ribbon loudspeaker technology company BG Corp. announced Tuesday that it has rebranded itself and will now be known as BG Radia. Radia is BG’s line of freestanding, on-wall, and in-wall speakers. “in our fourteen-year history, our company has gone by many names, from Bohlender-Graebener to Radia to simply BG,” the company’s CEO, Warren Kocmond, said in the announcement. “Though many will still refer to us as BG, and that would be perfectly fine, we felt that formally adding our premium line of Radia to the brand name would help tie it all together.” The name, which apply to the company’s logo

CES Gear- PC Products
January 1, 2002

While this category may not be as big as the video category, it still can be one of the more interesting, where some of the latest and hottest technologies are born. At this year's CES expect home networking to have a bigger presence than ever. The Internet Home Alliance will show what's happening with big time CE and networking players: OnStar, Panasonic, Invensys and ADT. They will have an exhibit in North Meeting Room 215. Samsung has announced (for Q4, 2002) a home media center, developed jointly with Microsoft, that integrates all home communications devices through its patented Family Information Management System (FIMS). Meanwhile,