Do the Demo Get in the Car
February 1, 2002

It's important to be creative to reach the mobile navigation consumer and close the sale By Janet Pinkerton If a salesperson has only a minute to get a customer engaged in a mobile navigation demonstration, what can he or she do? Jim Yamasaki, Kenwood's navigation product manager, suggests, "Ask what their address is and then punch it in and show them the view of the area where they live. They'll be blown away in 30 seconds when they see how detailed the mapping is—it's pretty cool." Know your product in detail, Yamasaki urges. "When customers are purchasing a $3,500 to $4,000 navigation

Mass Navigation?
October 1, 2001

Increased awareness, lower price points and more options all help but a demo vehicle-rented or otherwise-drives the navigation sale By Brett Solomon Potential customers are being exposed to the world of vehicle navigation in unassuming places. However, at retail, navigation systems are not going to fly off the shelves. The price points are still relatively high, and most vehicles are being leased. But the bottom line is high-profit margins on these big-ticket sales. According to a recent Consumer Electronics Association survey, 36 percent of consumers expect to own a vehicle navigation system within six years, meanwhile consumer awareness of the

Meet the Advertisers
October 1, 2001

ActiveLight As specialists in plasma displays and LCD flat panel monitors, ActiveLight partners with resellers, designers and systems integrators to develop complete digital signage networks and compelling visual systems integrations. CONTACT: Nancy Brooks, (866) 473-5154 See our ad on pages 29, 48 AON Warranty Group AON Warranty Group provides a single source solution for retailers and manufacturers in the areas of service plan marketing and administration, direct marketing and call center services. CONTACT: (866) 482-8350 See our ad on page 2 American International TOY FAIR American International TOY FAIR is an annual trade-only event owned and managed

IFA news from Berlin
August 27, 2001

The global reach of Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), held August 25 through September 2, in Berlin, Germany is growing. The following is a selection of announcements made at the show. Recordable DVD The Recordable DVD camps consolidated into two major groups: DVD+RW Alliance and the Recordable DVD Council supporting the DVD-RAM, DVD-R and DVD-RW formats. Hewlett Packard, Philips, Ricoh, Verbatim, Sony, Thomson and Yamaha used IFA to promote their launch of DVD+RW products, as well as the arrival of Dell into the DVD+RW group. DVD+RW introductions included: From HP, PC-based HP DVD-Writer dvd100i and 4.7 GB DVD+RW discs. The drive is due at retail in four to six weeks

5/01 Editorial Index
May 1, 2001

Company Web Site Page# AirPrime 16 Alpine 22,23 Apple 10 AT&T Wireless 16 Audiovox 16 Avanti 27,28 Belkin Components 20 Blaupunkt 22 Casio 24 Cingular Wireless 16 Compaq 10 CMC Magnetics Corp. 23 Danby 27 eBrain Market Research 8 Epson 6 Ericsson 16 Essential Reality 20 Faroudja 12 Good Technology 23 Hewlett Packard 3,6,10 Handspring 16,23 I-Jam 23 InterAct Accessories 20 Iomega 23 Infinity Products 22 JBL 22 JVC 23,26 Kessel 23 Kenwood 12,23 Kicker 22 Kinyo 20 Kodak 23 Konica 23 Konka 26 Kyocera Wireless Corp 16 LG Electronics 27 LG InfoComm USA 16 MCC/Verbatim 10 Mad Catz 20 Maxell 10 Memorex 10 Microsoft 18 Mitsubishi Wireless Communications 16 Motorola 16 my-Vox 23 NEC America 16 Nextel 16 Nintendo 18 Nokia 16 Palm Computing 23 Panasonic 10,16,24,26 Philips 10,26 Pioneer 6,22 Polaroid 23 Ricoh 10 Royal 23 Sampo 23 Samsung 16,23,26,27 Sega 18 Sendo 16 Sharp Electronics 27 Siemens 16 Sirius Satellite Radio 6 SonicBlue 23 Sony 18,24 Soundcrafters 22 Sprint PCS 16 Sub-Zero 27 TDK 10 Telemania 24 Thomson Multimedia 3,6,10,26 Thrustmaster 20 Toshiba 26 Uniden 24 Verizon

Daytona Spring Break Nationals
May 1, 2001

The World's Most Famous Sound-Off By Brett Solomon DAYTONA BEACH, FLA.—It is hard to believe that sound-off stalwarts, manufacturers and a plethora of alcohol-enhanced teenagers descended upon Daytona Beach for the fifteenth year in a row. However, this year's Spring Break Nationals was arguably the best ever. First of all, according to the Daytona News Journal, this was the biggest student attendance of spring break in Daytona since 1989. That helped to set the atmosphere for strong attendance and enthusiasm for the Car Audio Expo in Daytona Beach's Ocean Center. Paul Papadeas, president of Spring Break Nationals ("The World's Most Famous Sound-Off and

Mobile Navigation - Moving in a Clear Direction
August 1, 2000

By Jamie Latshaw There seems to be no question that DVD-based navigation is, ultimately, the way to go. However, until price points are more reasonable, CD-based navigation is still the format of choice for the majority of manufacturers (that is, the majority of the few manufacturers who are currently playing in this category in the United State). In Japan, where navigation is more mass market, Sanyo, Pioneer and Panasonic join Alpine in the DVD navigation market. Here in the states, however, there are fewer options, fewer players and higher prices. But all of that is set to change. "We anticipate new competitors entering

12-Volt Demographic Parties in Daytona
May 1, 2000

By Laura Spinale DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.—The chaos starts on U.S. Route 92, a mile or so south of the Daytona Speedway. Volusia County expected more than 10 million tourists this year, and it seems as if every single one of them has chosen to visit during the 14th Annual Spring Break Nationals, traveling this particular route to Daytona's famed beach. It's not a road for anyone over 30. Driving muscle cars and convertibles, these kids represent every color in the rainbow, but their similarities outweigh their cultural differences. The men wear their hair short, their biceps large, their tank tops loose and

New Formats for Media on Wheels
April 1, 2000

By Jamie Latshaw Auto manufacturers are so bent on equipping their cars with the latest and greatest that one company was known to try an in-car record player—doesn't make much sense, but at the time it was the latest and greatest so why not try? We've cycled through the failed, and short-lived in-car record player, the 8-track; we're nearing the end of the in-dash cassette. In-dash CD is still going strong, but in the meantime, manufacturers are playing with what comes next. The possibilities are as endless as that of a desktop PC. Multimedia cards, DVD, CD-R and RW-playable drives are all stating their cases for

12V Vendors' Goal - Navigation Made Easy
August 1, 1999

The challenges retailers selling in-car navigation systems face pushing the product out of their stores is complicated by inventory costs and the need to demonstrate and explain the product's benefits. While hand-held navigation units tempt customers with lower price points and the convenience of portability, in-car navigation systems have the potential to provide a seamlessly integrated A/V environment in the car, as some manufacturers are working toward already. In-car Solutions The secret to snagging the sale of in-car navigation is in a demo car, according to Alpine Vice President of Brand Marketing and Communications Stephen Witt. "The only way to convince perspective or potential