New Options for Risk And Return
April 1, 1999

By Jamie Latshaw As the mobile electronics industry struggles with falling price points on typical car stereo equipment, it sees salvation in the form of increased sales and a larger customer base with mobile multimedia. "You have to sell more product to maintain revenue," Russ Johnston, vice president of marketing for Pioneer's car electronics division, said. "Every manufacturer is looking especially at mobile multimedia as a way to expand our sales." The challenge is to get the 30-something parents who drive minivans into the kinds of electronics stores they've typically avoided. But product comes first, according to Johnston. "Having the right product here in the first launch stage is

CES Mobile Electronics - Digital Drives 12-Volt Domain
February 1, 1999

By Jamie Latshaw LAS VEGAS--After only DVD's first big year in the home theater environment, companies are expanding DVD's uses to make it more portable, mobile and capable of doing 60 mph without skipping. Enter in-car DVD, or at least talk and plans of it, as witnessed at the 1999 International Consumer Electronics Show last month. Although in-car DVD made the loudest splash, other new in-car digital technologies, such as digital receivers and digital amps, debuted at CES as well. DVD expanded to the car's environment only after passing major milestones in the home. Now that DVD players hit the 1-million-players-sold mark, the format is enough of