Battle of the Boom Boxes
May 17, 2012

Summer is just around the corner, and a great way to kick off the season is with a backyard barbeque or pool party full of good friends, good food and, of course, good tunes.

Thanks to portable wireless speakers, bringing the entertainment outdoors is easier than ever, and the Jawbone Big Jambox and Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker are two such solutions. Both speakers connect to a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including the iPhone, Android tablets and laptops.

At $299 each, the two devices are more expensive than some of the speaker systems

Taking Beats Anywhere, By Bluetooth
May 16, 2012

Even though thousands of consumer electronics products blanket the earth, from remote-controlled helicopters to MP3 toothbrushes, you probably have the same Must Have list as most people: computer, phone and TV. The Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile speaker. The latest in technology from the Times’s David Pogue, with a new look. The Jawbone Big Jambox. But theres also a Nice to Have list. It includes GPS units, cameras and e-book readers. Now, these lists dont expand often. But in 2012, a new object of desire officially joined the Nice to Have list: wireless Bluetooth room speakers. If youre not immediately

Study: Consumers Unimpressed With In-Vehicle Brands
March 20, 2012

Automotive manufacturers could probably achieve higher margins by seeking out the audio brands that most highly resonate with consumers, according to a survey released this week by Strategy Analytics.

Finding Headphones to Shut Out the World
January 19, 2012

What do you look for in noise-canceling headphones? Music fidelity? Reasonable price? Bose has dominated the market, but here's a look at the latest models from 10 other companies.

In the olden days, you didn't need much to enjoy air travel: a pair of goggles, a trusty biplane and a song in your heart. These days, the equipment list is slightly longer: a roll-on bag, a neck pillow and an eye mask - not to mention T.S.A.-friendly slip-on shoes, a fold-out laptop case and an all-plastic watch.

And noise-canceling headphones.

Why Apple Needs to Sell More than Just a Television Set with the Apple TV
December 28, 2011

Apple will need to sell a platform if it wants to make waves in the television market.

The internet is abuzz with an increasing number of reports on the 2012 release of 32″ and 37″ Apple televisions in third or fourth quarter 2012.

Commenter aaronl makes a really smart point about what the reported size of these sets means about Apple's strategy going forward: "If Apple is targeting the 32″ and 37″ market, I would not be surprised if they intend to handle their entry into the television market quite differently than, say, Bose

Cars That Rock, and Roll
November 24, 2011

These five cars have the best-sounding stereos we've tested all year.

To get good sound in a car, you used to have to visit an installer, who would rip out four tinny speakers and replace them with six-by-nines, a sub, and an amp. But now many automakers are partnering with known audio companies to put high-quality audio components in cars at the factory. These systems are designed specifically for each car by professional audio engineers. We picked out five cars with the best-sounding audio systems we heard this year. These systems produce the kind of sound that will have you driving

German Maestro's Ray Windsor Shares Insight on Premium Audio Market
November 23, 2011

In the November issue of his newsletter, German Maestro President Ray Windsor gives his take on the recently released market report that concludes that the global market for premium audio will reach $7.3 billion in 2011, up from $6.6 billion in 2010. Windsor addresses the report's statement about Bose and Harman/Kardon being leading premium audio supplier to OEMs.

Windsor's newsletter includes the following observations based on the IHS iSupply report:

Bose is not in the aftermarket car audio business and neither is Harman/Kardon, although Harman Group has other brands that are.

    Shaken and Stirred by Bob Marley Headphones
    November 23, 2011

    I was treated to a nice sampling of House of Marley audio gear at a trade show recently, and came away impressed. HOM offers a wide selection of distinctly styled in-ear and full-size headphones, docks, and other gear, but when it came down to what I wanted to review I gravitated to the Stir It Up on-ear headphones ($200 with free shipping).

    The Stir It Up won me over even before I heard it. Construction quality is a step up from the mostly plastic Bose Quiet Comfort, Monster Beats by Dre