Samsung Acquires Boxee
July 8, 2013

Samsung announced over the holiday weekend that it has purchased streaming box provider Boxee. The Israeli website The Marker first reported the deal and stated that it was for $30 million; Boxee later confirmed the deal but not the purchase price. 

Walmart to Sell Boxee TV Exclusively
October 31, 2012

Bloomberg has the news that, starting tomorrow, Walmart will be offering D-Link's new $99 Boxee TV exclusively. There's a little bit of ambiguity in that word, "exclusively." Does it mean that Boxee TV will only be available at Walmart, or that Walmart will sell Boxee TV only instead of the alternatives? My guess, based on the evidence, is that, at the very least, Boxee's distribution will be through Walmart alone, at least for a while, because as of right now, both Roku and Apple TV are available for store delivery through

Walmart Gets Boxee TV
October 31, 2012

Walmart and Boxee announced Wednesday that the retailer will exclusively sell Boxee's new Boxee TV device for the holidays.

Boxee TV Officially Announced
October 16, 2012

The folks at Boxee have come forward with an official announcement for the Boxee TV. The set-top box will be available beginning in November and priced at $99. In terms of just what the Boxee TV actually is, well, a “devices that brings together broadcast TV Channels, DVR and Internet Apps into one simple experience.”

Boxee Looks to Reinvent Itself with Cloud-Based DVR Box
October 16, 2012

Boxee, the New York-based start-up that introduced the irregular-shaped Boxee Box for streaming Web video to TV sets, is betting with its new box that users are going to want to DVR a lot of basic TV - that's right, real TV.

The company's new device - simply called Boxee TV, not Boxee Box 2 - still works like the previous Boxee Box in that it connects to your Internet router at home and streams Web apps, like Pandora or Netflix, to your TV. It's still made by D-Link, Boxee's manufacturing

Boxee Box sells 200,000 units, accounting for 10 percent of all users
April 13, 2012

A tweet from Boxee has revealed that there are 200,000 users of its distinctively angular Boxee Boxes, the set-top unit that brings Boxee's media center interface to your TV. That number gives the Box around 10 percent of the total Boxee install base including users of the now-discontinued desktop client. Since the tweet refers to users, it's also possible that Boxee has sold more of the devices than this, which are yet to be switched on. @trace501 We can give you total users: 2 million total users (200k Boxee Box users) It's a number that the company is obviously

6 Answers About Your Next TV, With Or Without Apple
March 30, 2012

That screen on your wall or entertainment center -the one you don't slip into your pocket, purse or briefcase -it's about to get the cell phone treatment. Remember regular old cell phones? The ones that didn't check your email, show live video of "March Madness," or update your Facebook page. Well last year, smartphones outsold regular cell phones, and PCs for that matter. And according to some predictions, by 2016 Smart TV manufacturers will tell a similar story. Not that you need to wait until 2016 for any of this to happen

XBox 360 Launches HBO GO And The Future Inches Closer
March 27, 2012

HBO GO is arguably the best example of what the industry calls "Over The Top" entertainment programming in the United States. Rather than toying with shows being available, then not available, then available again - like you find on Hulu, Netflix and On Demand - the cable channel lays all of its programming out there, often before it's shown on cable. The iPad and PC versions boast excellent navigation, the streaming is usually seamless.

It's big news in my household because we own an XBox. If you have Boxee, or Apple TV

Will the iPad 3 be the World's Greatest Remote Control -- for the Apple TV?
March 4, 2012

Apple clearly has a surprise in mind for its product announcement on Wednesday. Early speculation, mine included, has centered around the rumored high-resolution iris display of the new iPad3 (or perhaps iPad HD?) But in recent days the notion that it might have something to do with the Apple TV as well has circulated. Christina Warren's Mashable post yesterday drew the connection between the Apple TV going out of stock on Amazon and Best Buy and the possibility of a new model being announced this week.

Why America Will Be The Next Consumer Electronics Powerhouse
February 28, 2012

We were speaking to a prominent venture capitalist the other day (he asked not to be quoted), and picking his brain on the trends to watch for the coming year. One that surprised us: this investor is absolutely convinced that the consumer electronics industry is going to swing back to the U.S., reversing a forty-year trend that saw all the biggest players in the industry shift to Asia -- first Japan, and more recently Korea.

Here's his reasoning: consumer electronics devices are becoming computers. And American companies like Apple and Microsoft