Brand Source

The ProSource Reception at CEDIA Expo 2013
September 26, 2013

Denver’s trendy Curtis boutique hotel was the locale where ProSource vendors and dealers - members of both Brand Source’s Home Entertainment Source (HES) and the PRO Group (the Progressive Retailers Organization) met, socialized and strategized for the holiday season ahead. Here are some snapshots from the event. (Photos: Nancy Klosek)

Vance Pflanz, President of Pflanz Electronics
August 1, 2013

Vance Pflanz is not only a premier purveyor in Sioux City, Iowa, of the immersive home entertainment experience. He and Pflanz Electronics, the business he has built as its president, are products of total immersion in the CE trade.

Buying Groups Deliver New Online Tools for Dealers
March 18, 2013

While the independent CE retail channel still sells the vast majority of its products in-store, online sales and marketing strategies are becoming more important. Here's a rundown of what some buying groups are doing to help dealers develop new initiatives and achieve set goals.  For more insights from the full buying group roundtable, see the March issue of Dealerscope and every day on

How the Indy CE Retailer is Transitioning to Online
March 15, 2013

The independent CE retail channel still sells the vast majority of its products in-store. But buying groups are offering more tools to help dealers fulfill online marketing and e-commerce initiatives. Here’s what they’re doing. For more insights from the full buying group roundtable, see the March issue of Dealerscope and every day on

How Dealers Handle Shift Away From Hardware Sales
March 12, 2013

As part of Dealerscope’s annual buying group roundtable, we’ve asked buying group directors for their insights on some of the most pressing issues faced by today’s independent CE retailers. For the full buying group roundtable, please see the March issue of Dealerscope.

ProSource/PRO Group Form New-Audio Committee
February 25, 2013

As legacy categories mature – losing their mainstream appeal and the hefty margins they once carried – CE specialty dealers have to find alternative products that will resurrect consumer excitement and generate some much-needed profit.

Brand Source Predicts Increase in Retail Sales
February 20, 2013

 After amassing sales in consumer electronics and appliance that were better than the industry average last year, Brand Source executives expect the next two years to generate better revenues and profits for their dealers.

ProSource/PRO Group Audio Ambassadors Collaborate with Asian Suppliers
January 30, 2013

It’s no secret that the margin squeeze on under-60-inch panels keeps getting tighter, so with no letup in sight independent dealers are raising their bets on audio to boost bottom lines.

Heavy marketing and smart management - along with a resurgence of consumer interest in many things audio – certainly helped the category shine last year. But maintaining that momentum will take fresh cycles of innovative new categories and updated traditional products in tune with the changing needs consumers.

That was the reason the ProSource organization, which includes dealers of the PRO Group and Brand Source’s Home Entertainment Source (HES) buying groups, recently toured factories and R&D centers of select suppliers. The trip included visits to D+M, Harman, Onkyo/Integra and Sharp.

The Football Playbook
October 31, 2012

Forget Black Friday. Football season—especially the weeks preceding the Super Bowl—in many ways trumps the traditional holiday season because it actually gives retailers a chance to make some money on the sale of TVs, related electronics and add-ons.

“I am pretty passionate about the value of the football selling season,” Doug Schatz, vice president of electronics merchandising for the Nationwide Marketing Group, says. He creates a yearly merchandising “playbook” for members that addresses football season sales strategies retailers can also use during the crucial fourth quarter and into January, leading up to the Super Bowl.