Canon Announces Latest Rebel
June 12, 2008

While the finer details will be announced early next month, Canon has let the latest Rebel out of the bag here in the U.S. Dubbed simply the Rebel XS, this latest member to the Canon DSLR Rebel family will feature several improvements over the Rebel XTi and Canon added they are hoping to bring the MSRP in at $200 less than that of the Rebel XSi. Among the feature set, we are told, will be 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor; 2.5-inch LCD and a 7-point auto-focus system. This model will also feature LiveView, and an IS lens as part of the kit (F3.5-5.6, 18 -

Reuters, Canon, Sprint Team on Shuttle Images
March 20, 2008

Canon has teamed up with Reuters and Sprint to develop a system that captures shuttle launch images from multiple remote cameras moments after they are taken and quickly retrieves and moves images across the Reuters wire, thus reducing the time it takes for wire transmission by 95 percent.  By using Canon’s digital cameras and short telephoto lenses, images were captured from within a few hundred yards of the actual launch pad.  The process was powered by Sprint Mobile Broadband. During the past two launches of Atlantis and Endeavour on Feb. 7 and March 11, 2008, the system developed by Reuters, Canon and Sprint

How To Please Today’s Woman
March 1, 2008

Glenn Omura, a professor of marketing and supply chain management, looked out on a small room of retailers furiously taking notes during “PMA Night School,” a nuts and bolts business workshop at Photo Marketing Association’s recent trade show. He then raised a question mankind has struggled with for centuries: Do you know what really pleases a woman? The furious note taking suddenly stopped, but no one in the audience had an answer. Omura prodded the crowd with more specific inquiries: What’s her “psychographic profile”? Do you know how to get her attention? What does she need each day? What does she read each

OfficeMax, Canon Partner To Leverage Printing Demand
May 25, 2007

OfficeMax has extended its relation with Canon by installing the imagePROGRAF large-format printers in all of its lmPress print and document service locations. OfficeMax began the partnership last year by installing PROGRAF W6400 printers in more than 500 locations. The expansion brings that number to 900 and is fueled by small business customer demands for big print items, such as banters, posters and displays, the companies report. The companies also cite numbers from Info Trends Research Group, which estimates the demand for large printed graphics is expected to grow from $11 billion to $13 billion by 2011. . To promote the expanded services,

PMA: It’s All About Women
April 2, 2007

Should you own a camera store, a print lab, or sell any digital photography accessories, it might be time to consider a name change. You are no longer a shop, a quick-stop, a drop-off, or a camera retailer. You are now an “imaging spa.” You are an environment where 30-something women sip chi, where preschoolers play with train tables, and where, if you’re lucky, you are luring women to lounge and linger while they create high-margin products like photobooks—Kodak calls them “the holy grail” of profitability—on touch screen kiosks. That was one of the main messages at PMA ‘07, the Photo Marketing Association International’s

U.S. Camera Accessories Market To Hit $1 Billion
March 21, 2007

The camera accessories aftermarket in the U.S. is expected to peak at $1 billion in 2008, despite some price erosion, according to a new report by Understanding & Solutions. Combined camera accessory sales in the U.S. and Western Europe are currently $1.7 billion. “Although we’re actually seeing a slowdown in the number of digital cameras being sold across Western Europe and the States, with eight percent growth last year and a projected two percent decline in 2007, camera vendors’ and retailers’ future profits will be bolstered by targeting the accessories market,” said David Watkins, Research Analyst with Understanding & Solutions. The report focuses

Canon Unveils World’s Fastest Digital SLR
February 23, 2007

Canon’s latest digital SLR, to be on display at this year’s PMA, boasts the ability to capture full size JPEGs at 10 frames per second, as fast as their top film SLR. The EOS-1D Mark III can also capture 110 images in one go and features a Live View mode which previews shots on a 3-inch LCD - a first for Canon SLRs. The camera goes on sale in April for about $4,000 (without a lens). Canon also announced new compact cameras, the IXUS 70 and IXUS 75, with increased resolution from their IXUS 60 and 65 predecessors, as well as new

Contacts: Kathy Bogosian, Co-owner, The Camera Shop, in Bryn Mawr, Pa.
February 1, 2007

Being at the helm of a retail operation that started in 1920 has a certain expectation to it: you survived that long, you best keep evolving. Kathy Bogosian, co-owner of The Camera Shop, a digital imaging retailer in the Philadelphia suburb of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, is intending to do just that. “Selling a digital camera is just the beginning,” she says. “We give camera customers a coupon for free prints, free software that links them to our website, and 50% off on [new imaging products like] posters. ...What we really want is to get them into Digital 101, our version of the Geek Squad.”

Shop Talk: Chuck Westfall, Director of Media and Customer Relationship at Canon
January 24, 2007

“There are sweet spots for [pricing] cameras. We look at the average selling price for a compact digital camera being right around $200. So it’s not really that people want to drive down the price of cameras....they want to pay the same price but get more camera for their money. It has been a very similar situation the last 15-20 years. Back in the early 80’s, the price of a point and shoot autofocus camera was $250. That was in the beginning of the technology. In the late 90’s, the peak of the 35 mm, popular cameras would tend to be in the $150

Shop Talk: Mike Dittelman, Co-Owner of EG Photo & Studio in East Greenwich, R.I.
October 25, 2006

Mike Dittelman, Co-Owner of EG Photo & Studio in East Greenwich, RI...on selling Canon’s new Digital Rebel XTi, the third-generation digital Rebel camera ($899 with standard lens): “We’re on allocation with these things, I’m selling them even before we get them. I had two in today and they both sold. For what’s in its class right now, the Nikon D80 and the Sony Alpha and the Olympus Evolt, I think it’s the biggest bang for the buck.”