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Hot Products - PC Retailing
August 1, 1998

Hewlett Packard Plays Imaging Options Six new SKUs shipping from Hewlett Packard feature new digital imaging options--both on the computer and on the Internet. The HP Message Board, available in the new The HP Pavilion PC 6300 and 8300 Series, enables users to easily add audio, animations and digital images to their e-mail messages or postings to a private bulletin board. The HP 8300 series features a front serial port for easy connection of digital cameras. New Pavilion price points range from $999 (300MHz AMD K6-2) to $2,029 (400MHz Pentium II with MMX). The 8300 Series Pavilions will be available to all HP retail partners,

July 1, 1998

The computer industry, which for many years found ways to avoid extreme price erosion, seems to have lost all self control--just at the time their brethren in the consumer electronics business appear to regained theirs for the first time in more than a decade. And as the CE industry finally figured out that format wars are bad for consumers, retailers and manufacturers, the PC industry is currently launching three separate high-density floppy disc formats, none of which is compatible with the other, and there are at least four versions of rewritable DVD drives floating around, again, uncompatible with the other. Not to mention the various

PC Expo Show Preview - PC Marketing
June 1, 1998

Slave (to PC Inventory) No More By Janet Pinkerton Building PCs for customer orders taken at retail: Manufacturers want it. Retailers want it. This next step in supply chain management could mean more precious margin--for vendors and, maybe, retailers. Ah, but to do BTO well: to offer the customer what they want, keep component inventory tight but available, deliver on time, maintain quality assurance/quality control, build the volume needed to make it all worthwhile. Therein lies the challenge. Circuit City is readying a multivendor build-to-order pilot that is to launch in August, with Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM and NEC Packard Bell slated to particpate.

1998 Appliance Retailing Giants-Turnarounds Key After Hard Year
May 1, 1998

By Laura Spinale Except for a couple of powerhouse retailers, the word that seemed to be leaping off major appliance retailers lips this past year was "turnaround." And with good reason. Retailers retrenched, closed stores, cut product lines, even filed for bankruptcy. But now, it seems, the worst is over, with some painful lessons learned. It's a flat market, but some major appliance retailers have learned, or are learning, to survive. The nation's top 25 major appliance retailers in 1997 pulled down $10.29 billion in category sales, representing a slight drop from the $10.47 billion garnered in 1996. Despite Montgomery Ward's fiscal woes (it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

January 1, 1904

On a recent weekday afternoon in mid-town Manhattan, a 16-year-old named Jonathan Juarez was riffing like he auditioning for a slot as the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ next guitarist. Juarez sat for over an hour, guitar in hand, on a black stool in the demo gaming area of The City, playing along to the Chili Peppers’ anthems via Xbox 360’s Rock Band. “I’m not really skipping school,” he said, between sets, when asked how he managed to find the time for the mid-day session. “I just kind of left early.” Juarez wasn’t the only one escaping the regular weekday routine and getting hands-on