Control4 Debuts Lighting Control Products
May 8, 2013

Control4 this week announced the arrival of a new family of wireless lighting control products, which sport seamless integration with Control4 systems.

Control4 Unveils New OS
April 11, 2013

Control4 has released the latest version of its operating software. And if you’re not a Control4 owner, you may be yawning and clicking on another tab already. But this one is huge. HYOOGE, I tell you. Not so much in the features it adds, but in the way it changes the Control4 business model altogether.

Control4 Details Training Tour Dates
April 3, 2013

Control4 this week announced dates for its 2013 Dealer Tour Training program. The tour gets underway April 30 in Houston, and will travel as far as Dubai, Singapore, China and Australia.

SEN Adds 20 Members
March 24, 2013

Specialty Electronics Nationwide (SEN) said Monday that it has added 20 members so far this year. 

IC Realtime Adds Control4 Drivers
March 20, 2013

IC Realtime said this week that it has added Control4 drivers to its Dual Core series of product,s which include NVRs, DVRs and HD DVRs.

Control4 Holding Two Training Sessions Wednesday
March 19, 2013

Control4 this week announced an expansion of its online training for dealers. Its "Is Your Website Doing Its Job?" education program will now be taught in two separate sessions, both taking place Wednesday. 

Nationwide Execs on the State of the Industry
March 5, 2013

Comments by the heads of multiple divisions within the diverse membership of Nationwide Marketing Group at this week’s PrimeTime! Convention reflect industrywide consensus that business has turned a corner – and the group’s management said it is committed to helping its members capitalize on those positive economic signs with programs designed to increase their market clout as educating independent dealers.

How to Enhance Your Home Security with Control4
February 28, 2013

A few weeks back, the folks at Control4 invited me to write a guest post for their blog, on the topic of using their home automation system to enhance home security, either in and of itself or in conjunction with an integrated security system. Of course, normally that would be a rather straightforward, potentially dry topic, but included in the invite was a request to go “outside-of-the-box” and employ some “crazy (but doable) ideas and/or personal examples.”

Control4 Unveils 2013 Lineup
January 29, 2013

Control4’s new products and technologies for the first half of this year include an enhanced music experience, a wireless streaming system, refreshed lighting solutions, an updated operating system and additional commercial offerings.