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Q4 Has Dealers On Edge
October 11, 2007

Fourth-quarter 2007 opened with consumer technology dealers and custom integrators competing for business amid a decidedly mixed macro-economy. The rich were still rich and still spending, but the lower- and middle-income customers were pulling back, if not hit hard. The impact of the housing downturn, the August credit crunch and current and impending mortgage foreclosures varied greatly on a market-by-market basis. Adding to the mix are high gas prices, pre-election jitters and, to a lesser extent, the ongoing war in Iraq. AVB/BrandSource CEO Bob Lawrence said California and Florida markets “continue to be real tough,” yet the Northwest “is having a great year.” BrandSource

NATM Members Prove Value In Tough Markets
September 28, 2007

Despite recent price cuts on televisions and the housing market’s impact on appliance sales, NATM Buying Corp. directors and members said they are weathering the storm and will continue to beat back larger competitors by taking costs of their business, partnering with the right vendors, adding higher-end products and improving their sales forecasts. Even when the numbers are down, NATM members are performing better in some areas compared to the overall industry, said Bill Trawick, president and executive director of the group. He noted that unit sales of appliances in September were down about four percent for the group, while revenue was down about