Crestron Goes to Russia
October 21, 2008

Crestron Electronics announced Friday that it has opened a new sales and training office in Moscow, a move meant to meet demand for products in Russia and Eastern Europe.

CEDIA University to Visit Crestron
October 17, 2008

CEDIA University's "CU on the Road" program will come to Rockleigh, N.J., later this month for an event hosted by Crestron. The training event in scheduled for Oct. 23-25.

New Sooloos Offerings at CEDIA
September 16, 2008

Sooloos, a manufacturer of premium networked home entertainment systems, announced the fall shipment of a host of new hardware offerings that will apply its user interface to the viewing of both HD and SD video and photos. Additionally, the company unveiled major software updates that will enable Sooloos-based management and experience of online content, which is customarily locked in the user’s computer environment, from within the living room/home entertainment environment. “Today, Sooloos grows from the world’s finest music management and enjoyment platform to the world’s finest networked home entertainment platform,” said Rob Darling, vice president of strategy. “Sooloos now leads the CE industry

New, Now and Next in Technology
July 1, 2008

What makes a new technology a hit or a miss? A good idea, great execution and wisdom, or dumb-like timing of the right introduction that can generate the hits? Anything else and you can miss. Dealers whose business is to keep up with the unending parade and fast pace of new entertainment and life-enhancing gadgetry make judgments every day about whether to carry or ignore new tech offerings, learn all they can about the few chosen products and then figure out how to market and sell them. Dealerscope recently spoke with some very keen judges of the good, the bad and the ugly

Shop Talk: Ken Vanemon, Marketing Rep for Crestron
June 18, 2008

“Here’s what to say to customers: ‘I can make your home more efficient.’ Progressive dealers and installers are speaking this language, and they’re the ones customers are migrating toward.” -Ken Vanemon, Marketing Rep for Crestron

Jon Litt
June 1, 2008

Director of Sales, Wilshire Home Entertainment, Thousand Oaks, Calif. Age: 36 Career History: Litt has been involved in the manufacturing and dealer sides of the retail and custom installation markets for more than 14 years. He owned and operated Custom Systems Technologies, a home integrator in Austin, Texas, for 12 years, sold the company and took a job as national sales manager at Monster Cable for about two years. Last year, he became director of sales at Wilshire Home Entertainment. Greatest Business Achievements: Besides starting up and running his own company, Litt sat on CEDIA’s board of directors, served as a member of

Precise Execution
May 1, 2008

The terms of their business partnership were worked out nearly 30 years ago in a 10-minute conversation: Mike Nüñez, the 21-year-old, would be president, if only because he had the good fortune of no longer being underage. Harry Reynolds, Nüñez’s 16-year-old neighbor who’d been selling stereo equipment out of his bedroom at his parents’ house, would be vice president. The two analog enthusiasts named their new company “Precision Audio” and set about to get their hands on some merchandise, which, back in 1981, meant heading to Chicago for CES. The improbability of this impossibly young, undercapitalized duo talking their way into vendor partnerships

Contacts: Harry Reynolds, Vice President of Precision (San Juan, PR)
April 24, 2008

Sixteen-year-olds can be shrewd businessmen. They know how to keep the overhead low (sell out of Mom and Dad’s house). They are passionate about product (especially if it involves music). And they are charming salespeople (“It’ll make you feel young! Like me.”). Harry Reynolds was 16 years old in 1981, the very year he started a retail operation called Precision Audio out of his bedroom in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He recruited a 21-year-old neighbor friend, Mike Nünéz, to partner with him, and they booked flights to a Chicago CES to sweet-talk vendors. Remarkably, those two young audiophiles were quick to

Reaching New Ears With The Right Sound
April 1, 2008

Unlike some dealers, Mark Ormiston, president of Definitive Audio, doesn’t have trouble pushing audio. It’s in the company’s blood. Seattle’s Definitive Audio started life 35 years ago and still focuses on its core product base. “Audio is 60 percent of our total business,” Ormiston said. Yet even he was astonished when Definitive’s recent audio promotional event, Music Matters III, drew a score of vendors and 533 RSVPs. “Although the odd person may have had trouble finding parking, they all came,” he said. Ormiston has been able to successfully sell higher-end, higher-ticket, higher-margin audio all those years. And with the public’s exploding interest in MP3

Crestron Unveils Green Strategy, New Green Products
March 5, 2008

Crestron last week announced the release of a line of new products aimed at saving both energy and money for customers. The Green Light line consists of lighting, shade and drape control and HVAC products, available for both the business and residential markets. Also released by the company was a new green paper illustrating its commitment to environmental awareness. “Intelligent Efficiency: Crestron Makes Life Greener” is a seven-page document that shows the company’s entire green strategy, which includes the release of the aforementioned product line. “Going green is not new for us- we’ve provided energy and cost-saving solutions for decades,” the