Windows 7 Ad Debuts
September 14, 2009

The first television commercial for Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system began airing late last week, on The CW's new series "The Vampire Diaries," and was in heavy rotation during Sunday's first full day of NFL telecasts.

CBS Brings Out Show-Themed Gadgets
January 13, 2009

Television content providers, led by NBC Universal and Sony Pictures Television, were out in full force at International CES last week, demonstrating how their programming fits in with the multiple platforms of gadgets available elsewhere on the show floor.

Dot Competence-'s Bookish Relationship With Consumer
April 1, 2005

Walk a mile in their shoes? Why when you can buy a new pair online?, a household name by most accounts, has done the unthinkable. Rather than crash and burn alongside many a doomed dot-com, the e-commerce engine took a big bite out of the home shopping market. Though the company's mainstay is still media (books, CDs and DVDs) consumer electronics has been the second, most successful category added. By reaching CE shoppers online, Amazon may have forever changed the way people get their tech. Because of Amazon's notable rise, earning kudos when it debuted in 1995, plenty of offline retailers have raised

New Products
September 1, 2004

Products from CEDIA Paradigm Servo-15 v.2 subwoofer. Available now in cherry, sycamore, rosenut and black ash for $2,200 SRP. The company updates its servo subwoofer with this model, making it louder and deeper. It has three times the RMS power output of the original Servo-15, is able to reproduce 121 dB without distortion and is accurate to 10 Hz. It uses a proprietary 15-inch high-excursion bass drive and claims two inches of peak-to-peak cone travel promoting deep bass. Call (905) 632-0180 or visit Runco CW-50XA 50-inch high-altitude plasma display. Available now for $12,995 SRP. Designed for high-altitude installations, this plasma offers

Pipeline Products
January 1, 2001

More Zoom Power From Minolta At Comdex, Minolta introduced an update to its Dimage 2300, the Dimage 2330 Zoom. This camera is an autofocus, 2.3-megapixel digital camera with a 3x optical and 2.5x digital zoom (optical zoom is a new feature). As a result, Dimage 2330 Zoom can provide combined magnification from up to 7.5x, from wide angle to telephoto, equivalent to 285 mm in 35mm format. It is available now for $499. Eye-Trek Can Now Play Video Games Olympus showcased the new FMD-200 gaming edition of its Eye-Trek at Comdex. The FMD-200 has a gaming adapter for playing video games. This model