Definitive Technology

New Products
January 1, 2006

Philips Portable DVD Player (PET320). Available now for $129 SRP. It may look like a portable CD player but this unit is also a portable DVD player with a 3.5-inch LCD screen built-in. All the controls are on the top of the unit, under the screen. Call (808) 744-5477 or visit Definitive Technology's ProCinema 800 system. The satellites for this new system have built-in pressure-coupled planar medite passive radiators. Definitive claims these extend the low frequency response as well as deliver improved linearity, better transient response and lower distortion. Other advancements include BDSS, a patent-pending driver technology that couples a balanced

Sharp To Channel 1-Bit Exclusively for Specialty Retail
December 5, 2003

&000;By David Dritsas Sharp Electronics is hoping to secure profitability on its new audio products. The company recently unveiled new 1-Bit audio products, as well as a tightly distribution strategy that intends to keep the line in the specialty retail channel. Meanwhile, the vertically inclined design of the products is taking aim at the flat panel television market. Sharp introduced its 1-Bit audio technology two years ago. The technology uses a digital amplifier the uses less energy produces a lower amount of heat, thus reducing the amount of space needed by traditional analog amplifiers and allowing more possibility in chassis design. "This is part of a larger

New Gear from CES
January 1, 2003

AUDIO Expect audio to get even more digital this year. With the approval of a true digital output for DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD (SACD) players, more companies will adopt the technology in their players and receivers—Pioneer and Denon have already begun. Meanwhile, speaker manufacturers are introducing higher-end SKUs, touting them as great ways to complement higher-resolution audio formats. Tower speakers seem to be making a comeback; they're seen as a good partner to plasma television. For the mass market, home-theater-in-a-box remains king, and the choice of models, and manufacturers, is growing, while others are making better systems targeted to the gaming market. Portable

CES Gear- Audio Products
January 1, 2002

Audio may have had a flat year in terms of sales, according to recent CEA numbers, yet the category continues to diversify and grow into new directions. Digital audio formats continue to entice the imagination and despite legal troubles for Internet audio and formats like MP3, there is no slowing down of development. Expect to see Dolby Labs promoting its AAC digital audio format, which provides better quality sound in a smaller footprint. You'll hear the same from supporters of Microsoft's WMA and RCA's MP3Pro, which is touted as the next generation of MP3. But Dolby will also be showcasing its newest technologies including