How Mobile Electronics will Evolve in the New Connected World
October 29, 2014

Successful companies take the time to visualize business opportunities and threats in their future, crafting a strategic vision that is used for the creation of corporate guideposts.  While the future is impossible to 100 percent accurately predict, innovations and technology trends in the connected car movement are clearly shaping up, and the impact on mobile electronics manufacturers and retailers will be huge. 

I have the pleasure of serving as the Managing Director of the Connected Car Council, which puts me at the front of the connected car movement and in close proximity of thought leaders from companies such as Cisco, Delphi, QNX, Intel, NVIDIA, Telenav and others.  From this vantage point, I can see where the technology is going, how automotive and tech companies are adapting, and why the aftermarket mobile electronics industry will be changing rapidly in the next five years. 

Drivers Want Smarter Cars
August 1, 2013

In the future, cars may be driving themselves down the road, but for the rest of the year it’s all about connected vehicles.

MirrorLink Consortium Wants Your Phone's Apps in Your Car
October 1, 2011

A new technology connecting smartphones, their apps, and the car debuted this month, and a list of companies supporting it implies more will follow. Originally designed by Nokia, the MirrorLink standard allows a phone to connect to a car's head unit or infotainment system. The promise of MirrorLink is that the technology will eventually allow a smartphone's app to run in conjunction with the car, using the phone for connectivity, and the in-dash unit for a display, audio output, and GPS navigation. On Sept. 13, MirrorLink became a reality, but with a single head unit and phone combination

Any Way You Go
October 24, 2008

Mobile electronics accessories are always the shining star in the profits of specialty retailers. There are the entry level accessories with extra features built in, such as high-end interconnects and power distribution. After that are step-up accessories, the ones that come after you’ve sold a head unit or a pair of speakers. With the customer rapport established, it’s much easier for the salesperson to say, “By the way, while we have your dashboard apart, we can install this for you at a discount because we’re already halfway there.”

Delphi Introduces New Realm of Safety & Convenience
January 8, 2008

LAS VEGAS- Using human machine interface (HMI), Delphi Corpo, automotivve safety system developer, has implemented several in-vehicle features that provide safety and convenience. The company demonstrated these features at CES on Monday in its Information, Convenience and Protection vehicle. As a simulator the vehicle shows that the driver can perform all the necessary tasks of driving while also remaining safe and alert. Delphi’s ICP vehicle places controls that require driver attention all within a 20-degree forward field of view. Government and University research shows that when a driver’s attention can remain focused on the road within this 20-degree field of view, the number

Almo Enters Exclusive Deal with XM
September 7, 2006

Almo Corporation, already a distributor of XM Satellite Radio products from Pioneer, Audiovox, Delphi, AGT, Terk, Belkin and Altec Lansing, announced Thursday that XM would be the sole satellite radio service they would distribute. As a part of this arrangement, Almo will offer a simplified XM activation process for their dealers. Victor Henley, director, Retail Distribution, XM, explains, “With this new process, independent consumer electronics dealers purchasing XM hardware from Almo will be able to track and get paid for their activation commission directly through the Almo system.” Almo Vice President Marc Shapiro added that dealers will be able to receive

Product Review: Pioneer Inno Portable XM Radio
July 27, 2006

With the launch of the Sirius S50 a few months ago, the satellite radio portable wars began. The S50, which combined Sirius content with your own MP3s, is a cool product, but XM has trumped it with their latest XM2Go products. XM2Go, the company’s portable satellite radio platform, was launched late 2004 in the form of the Delphi MyFi that received XM radio on-the-go and allowed five hours of recording. The new lineup improves on the function and design of the product, and adds MP3/WMA support. We got a hold of Pioneer’s Inno XM2Go product, but the Samsung Helix is functionally identical, and cosmetically

40 Under 40
June 1, 2005

This month, Dealerscope features 40 of the brightest over-achievers in the consumer electronics business. They hail from a variety of market sectors--they're retailers, marketing managers, product developers and manufacturers--but each of these all-stars have one thing in common: They were selected from nominations supplied by their industry peers based on success achieved before the age of 40.

Interfacing 12-Volt
February 1, 2005

Interfacing was a major theme among this year's CES car electronics exhibitors. That was obvious in the proliferation of iPod interfaces from Alpine, Audiobahn, Audiovox, Clarion, DLO, Monster, Peripheral Electronics, Pioneer and dozens more. Also important was the increased emphasis on interfacing aftermarket electronics with OEM electronics from companies like Scosche, Axxess, PAC and Metra. At this CES, Audio Control and JL Audio announced audio interfaces, and Alpine stressed its ability to work with OEM systems. For example, Alpine's VPA-B211A Vehicle Hub Interface Adapter ($300) "allows a consumer to keep the factory system, keep all the integrity of the wiring and