D&H Distributing

D&H Offers $38 Million in New Credit
March 13, 2009

D&H Distributing this week said it has made $38 million in credit available to its customers as part of the Business Assurance Credit Program. The company is also offering a series of Better Business seminars, as well as its full roster of live trade show events.

D&H Opens New Atlanta Warehouse
February 11, 2009

D&H Distributing announced Monday that it has opened a new warehouse in Atlanta, its largest to date. The 476,000 square-foot facility will serve the distributor's customers throughout the Southeast and parts of the Midwest.

D&H Names New CIO
January 27, 2009

D&H Distributing announced Monday that it has named Richard Hellar its new chief information officer. Hellar's job, the company said, will be to "maximize the company’s efficiency through technology and make it easier and faster for dealers and resellers to do business with D&H."

2009 Dealerscope Hall of Fame
January 1, 2009

Creativity. Perseverance. Innovative. Longevity. Supportive. Inspirational.
When those words are used to describe people and institutions that have helped shape the CE industry, you know it’s time for the annual Dealerscope Hall of Fame.

D&H’s Izzy Schwab
January 1, 2009

The philosophic underpinnings of retail have always been fairly straightforward: you see a need, you fill a need, and you hope to make some money along the way. But the secret to profitable distribution has, especially in the last couple of decades, been more of a moving target.

Small Dealers Holding On, For Now
October 14, 2008

Small retailers are holding their own for now, but many said the economic crisis and credit freeze will cut deeper into their businesses as the year progresses.